Stay Fit And Healthy: Top 10 Activities For Seniors This Winter
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Stay Fit And Healthy: Top 10 Activities For Seniors This Winter

August 11, 2019 | Health | By Jason Reid

It is that time of the year once again when everything turns white. But there is no need for you to stay under a blanket all day long (unless you are busy having sex under it!) because Here are 10 activities for seniors that are sure to keep you fit and healthy physically as well as mentally too, during these cold winter months.

1. Finish The House Chores

When it comes to giving that body some exercise, nothing works better than house chores. The amount of moving around and bending and stretching that you can get while you dust, mop, wash utensils, and iron clothes is enough exercise at your age. Also, cleaning up your own home will give you the satisfaction of having done something nice for the place that is your very own.

2. Reading By The Fire Place

Winter is a time when you can’t be blamed if you want to put your feet up in front of the fireplace and cozy up at home. However, even during this time you can stay active. Get yourself interesting books to read. Increase your mind’s activity by then writing a book review. Start a blog for that! Once you are done with all the books that are in your house, venture into the outside world – you can meet with friends, discuss books, borrow from them or even go to a library and walk down those silent aisles choosing books. While you are on your book reading spree, your neighborhood bookstore would also be a good option to pay a visit to for all the new collections – it really is more fun than ordering them online.

3. Visit A Museum

Walking means a lot of physical activity. When you visit a museum and walk around looking at all the display specimens you would be on your feet for quite a considerable amount of time. Added to this, as you go through the various artifacts and skeletons, reading about them, your brain would be processing a lot of information as well. These would be good to know and also a good exercise for the brain. Many museums have a free entry while at the others you are most likely to get a discount for senior citizens.

4. Art and Craft

When you can’t venture out because it is dreary and cold, stay indoors and try your hand at creating things. Paint or sketch something for your walls on canvas, or maybe even a bottle and turn it into a flower vase. You could try your hand at craft also. Learn origami, paper Mache, crochet, or maybe just get creative and convert the old and unused junk into a wall décor that you can proudly display. This will not only keep you occupied but you will also be using your brains and your imagination and thus will keep you feeling active and refreshed.

5. Make A Snow Man

If your grand kids are visiting you this winter then leave then head out into the snow. Make a snowman with them, play with snowballs, and shovel away the snow from the pathway. The kids are sure to have a lot of fun doing this and you would have also not only given yourself the exercise that your body needs but also land up feeling happier.

6. Host An Exercise Party

Parties need not always be about the finest of clothes and wine – host a party with a difference. Ask your friends to come in their exercise clothes and sneakers. Pick out a good fitness video. Have fun exercising and when all of you have done the routine, treat yourself to some healthy food like fresh salads and juices. You want to go one-step further – arrange for spa treatments for each right there in your house.

7. Hunt For Treasure In Your House

You don’t need to start breaking down your house for this. Neither do you need a treasure map. Often many houses have chests that have been lying in the attic for ages. Cover up your nose and head so that you avoid the dust allergy and then go check what has been lying in them for all these years. Old photo albums, letters, clothes worn by your ancestors can all come out. It will help you connect more with your family lineage and you would have done adequate bending and stretching for one day. You can even get in touch with other members of your family and together create your family tree.

8. Go For A Holiday

Researching on places and then choosing where you want to go, booking the tickets and the hotel, reaching the airport on time, taking the flight, reaching the hotel, exploring the city, shopping and eating – travel involves all this and much more. And all of these, together, need a lot of moving around and an alertness of the mind. Also, as you explore a new place and connect with new people your mind will feel happier.

9. Time To Play Chess

Call your friends over and have some fun playing chess –it will keep the mind alert and sharp. Other indoor board games like scrabble, monopoly etc. that involves some thinking and strategizing will also keep your cognitive skills in tact. Moreover, these board games, over food and drinks will also help you socialize without having to go out into the cold thus keeping you fit and warm, both at the same time.

10. Have Sex

This is what is called “saving the best for the last”. Yes, having sex is the most rejuvenating and fun exercise – no matter what the age. So, if you have a partner then winter is the time when you can stay in bed all day long and yet keep both your mind and body feeling healthy. At your age all positions might not feel comfortable, so find the one that is and get down to some sweaty activity!

Winter can be an enchanting time – with the snow and the festivities. All you need to do is to wear proper clothes and get out of the house. Be with friends and family, or start a fitness routine and you are sure to stay fit even when the temperature has dropped below freezing point.

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