Health Tips For Men For Active Sexual Life After 60
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Health Tips For Men For Active Sexual Life After 60

December 19, 2018 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

As men age their sexual performance changes. For example one is likely to need more stimulation to get aroused, have shorter orgasms, have ejaculation that is milder, and have longer refractory periods. These issues are common in men after 60. But, that doesn’t mean that he cannot have a healthy and active sex life. Here’s how things can improve for you.

Health Tips For An Active Sexual Life

Healthy Eating

It is essential that you follow a healthy diet in order to have an active sex life. This is not only needed to remain healthy but also because there are certain foods that boost your sexual stamina. Follow a balanced diet and include fruits and vegetables in your diet, as these will boost your immunity. Other the other hand, eat food like salmon and oysters as these are regarded as sex boosters.


During this age the bones start to get weak and the aches and pains start. So, even if you are following a nutritious diet, it is advices that you have supplement of vitamins, minerals, and calcium. For example, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B3, folic acid, and zinc help in controlling erectile dysfunction.

Exercising Regularly

The more weight that you put on the more prone you are to high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. This will hamper your erections. So, do exercise regularly. While walking and swimming are options, yoga can also be done as it goes a long way in strengthening the muscles and improving the much needed flexibility of your body. However, be careful with which postures you choose lest you hurt yourself. It is advisable to get trained by a professional. Pamper yourself with a massage at regular intervals as well as this will improve the blood circulation in your body.


At this age your body is likely to feel lethargic which might hamper your sex life. Mediation will help you since it helps the body to relax at a level that is deeper than sleep and thus rejuvenates the body.

Choose A Different Time

It could well be that your non-permanence during sex time is because after work you are too tired. So, talk to your partner and instead set aside a different time when you have the energy to be intimate. For example, early morning when one is more refreshed it is possible to perform better.

Drink A Little Red Wine

Studies have shown that after 60 the brain starts to lose about 0.5% of its volume each year. There is also a decrease in neurotransmitters and their receptors and so bodily functions like memory, mood, and movement all tend to slow down. Research has shown hat drinking red wine can improve the functioning. This contributes to an improvement in the sex life as well.

Have A Friend Circle

Men over 60 have a greater chance of dementia, loneliness, and a low sex drive if they are alone. So, do find your friend circle whom you connect with and spend quality time with them.

Use Condoms

As one ages the immunity of the body goes down. In fact, many of the vaccines that you might have got in your childhood might not be able to fight off infections anymore. Thus, if you have just begun dating and don’t know the woman well enough, it would do you good to use a condom so as to not subject yourself to any unwarranted diseases that she could be carrying.

Quit Smoking

Smoking will do you no good. Neither would you be able to maintain your erection for long and neither would your lungs be healthy enough for you to perform well during sex.

Take Care Of Your Teeth

A study found that gum diseases at this age could result in long-term inflammation. This adversely affects the endothelial cells found on the lining of the blood vessels of our body that in turn adversely affects the erection that men get.

Proper Hygiene

Do follow a good hygiene regime pre and post sex in order to stay healthy especially since at this age you will be more prone to infections. For example if you don’t clean up well after sex then it can lead to bacterial infection.

What You Should Be Careful Of


If you are unable to perform well in bed slowly you might enter into a zone of depression. If it gets overbearing do go in for counselling before the emotional upheaval starts to affect your health.


Your health issues might get interpreted by your partner as your falling interest in her. It is good to hence have conversations with her so as to keep her reassured. Also, it is good to speak frankly so that the both of you, as a couple, can find that middle path that keeps both of you happy.

Don’t Avoid The Doctor

No one can help you till you open up. So, do visit your doctor who can prescribe the right pills that will help you to perform better in bed. For example, pills like Viagra and Levitra are often given as the initial treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Keep A Check On The Testosterone Level

By this age the testosterone level in men start to drop. This manifests as symptoms like moodiness, fatigue, and lack of interest in sex. Hence, it will be good if you get this checked when you visit your doctor.

Have An Erection But Not Be Aroused

At this age men could have an erection but not feel aroused due to drugs that you might be taking. Here’s why – erection drugs will increase the blood flow into the genital but will not help you to get aroused. In the long run these medicines don’t do much good to your health. So, instead devote more time to foreplay and have fun with your partner.

Stay Away From Anabolic Steroids

If you are a lot into exercising and bodybuilding then you might have heard of the drug called anabolic steroids. Do stay away from this as they have the ability to not only cause a fall in your level of testosterone but will also shrink your testicles in the long run.

Don’t Be Over Adventurous

Some positions are not for your age. It is best to accept this fact. Else, you might just hurt yourself that you can take long to recover from.

Loss Of Bladder Control

With age many men lose their bladder control. This causes uncontrollable leakage of urine. This happens during sex also, which is a form of exercise. This results in many men from shying away from sex. However, don’t let it get to you. The right medications can definitely help you to sufficiently curb this issue.

Staying healthy is important if you want to enjoy an active sex life at fifty. So eat well, exercise, and follow good hygiene rules so that you can have a good time in bed with your partner.

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