Health Tips For Females For An Active Sexual Life After 60
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Health Tips For Females For An Active Sexual Life After 60

December 19, 2018 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

Maybe you are dating again after many years post a divorce or widowhood. Don’t worry. We have it all here health tips for females for an active sexual life after 60 specially for you as to how you can have a fun-filled sex life and also what you should be careful of.

Health Tips For An Active Sexual Life

Eat Correctly

At your age following a healthy diet is of utmost importance not only to stay fit but also to maintain an active sex life. Healthy food will keep your body nourished and will keep you feeling energetic – both of which you need if you want some activity in bed. For example, onions and garlic help in better blood circulation, bananas reduce the blood pressure, chilies are said to lower hypertension, the omega-3 fatty acids present in tuna and avocado improves blood flow, vitamin B1 present in nuts keeps the nervous system functioning better and also maintain the hormonal balance.

Add Supplements To Your Diet

You are likely to feel low on your energy at this age. Also menopausal women are known to suffer from depression that reduces the production of the sex hormones. Hence, in order to remain sexually upbeat you should take regular supplements of vitamins, minerals, and calcium. For example vitamin B6 controls the drop the level of estrogen, the hormone that controls your sex energy level. You could also rub vitamin E on your vagina, as this will keep the tissues lubricated.

Quit Smoking

The tobacco in cigarettes causes blood vessels to constrict – even in the genitals. So if you don’t quit that smoke if could lead to vaginal dryness that will only hamper your sex life.

Exercise Regularly

If you are overweight it can lead to diabetes, hypertension, and other medical conditions all of which will harm your sex life. Lack of exercise also causes stress which is a libido killer for most women of this age. Exercise will help to improve the blood circulation, which will improve blood circulation, which, in turn, will improve lubrication. You could also practice yoga, as this will make your muscles stronger. Some poses that have shown to improve ones sex life are the cat pose, the cow pose, the corpse pose, and the bridge pose. However, if yoga is incorrectly done you could hurt yourself. Hence it is better to learn it from a qualified person.

Practice Meditation

Yoga will not only make you feel more energetic but it will also help to curb stress thus helping you to orgasm better when you are having sex.

Reduce The Alcohol Intake

You might get a kick out of having sex with your partner in a state of inebriation, but in the long run it will do you more harm than good. Studies have shown that consuming large quantities of alcohol prevent women at your age from getting an arousal quickly.

Don’t Be Silent

If your partner doesn’t know what you want then having good sex becomes difficult. So, always keep the channels of communication open. Respect your partner and his wants and also let him know what gives you pleasure.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will keep your weight in check and will also keep you feeling more active. Exercise is a great way to reduce your stress levels. All you need is half an hour of exercise that involves sweating and that your libido will stay well boosted.

Go Out Into The Sun

Sixty is an age where hormonal disbalance wreaks havoc in our bodies. Sunlight helps to get one such hormone back on track. It stops the body’s production of melatonin – a hormone that makes one sleepy and causes the sexual desire to drop. Thus being out in the sun daily makes us feel more sexually active.

Visit The Doctor

If you need medical help in order to maintain a fulfilling sex life then do visit your doctor. For example, he can help you with vaginal dryness by suggesting topical gels, patches, and even pills if need be.

Proper Hygiene

You must wash up well after sex as the body fluids in the genitals can cause bacterial infection. When you do, avoid using any perfumed soap as that will adversely affect the natural pH of your vagina that can lead to infections. You should also trim the pubic hair occasionally as it tends to trap dust and vaginal fluids which causes infections too.

What You Should Be Careful Of

Infections Are More Common

If you are dating anew you will not know if the man is carrying any STD or not. So, even if pregnancy is no longer a fear, always use a condom as a mode of protecting yourself from any unwanted diseases. Do not panic, but if you notice any kind of abnormal bleeding, sores, or any discharge then it is best to visit an doctor and get yourself tested.

Lack Of Flexibility

You might no longer be able to feel comfortable in all sexual positions. The same applies for your partner. It is best to be open about it so that both can have a good time without getting hurt.

Falling Libido

You are not twenty and so your libido won’t be the same. Illness, low levels of energy, hormones, and medicines that you might be taking can all affect your libido. It is best to share it with your partner so that both of you understand each other well when the time for sex arrives.

It Could Be Painful

At sixty, it is possible that you don’t get wet adequately even when you are turned on. There is nothing to be embarrassed about this. Instead just invest in a good water based lubricant and go on and have a good time with your partner.

Be Careful If You Are Meeting For The First Time

If it’s online dating that you have been doing then it’s good to be on your guard when you meet the man for the first time. Try and do a background check on him if possible before you agree to meet. Ideally meet him at a public place instead of any place too secluded since one never really knows what kind of a person he might be. Also, the moment you get vibes that makes you uncomfortable it is best to leave.

Low Self Confidence

After a long hiatus from sex you might be feeling a little low on self-confidence. Don’t worry too much about it for you still know the art to turn on a man well enough. If you need to take it a little slow, share that with your partner. Soon you will find you are enjoying some steamy sex in bed.

Follow these tips to stay healthy and fit and you are sure to have a fun filled active sex life even after the age of sixty.

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