Have Some Sex - Studies Show It Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer
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Have Some Sex – Studies Show It Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer

December 19, 2018 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

Who does not like to share an intimate moment with the partner? And here is one more reason why women should start enjoying it on the double. Studies have revealed that regular sex can help prevent breast cancer. Here is how sex can actually reduce the possibility of breast cancer.

Better Immune System

With age the hormonal balance within the body goes quite awry. But if a woman has sex regularly then this stays more balanced. For instance, regular sex helps to increase the production of the antibody Immunoglobulin A. This antibody plays a significant part in the immune responses at various mucosal surfaces within the body for instance in the gastrointestinal, the respiratory, and the vaginal tract. Thus this not only protects the body against bacterial and viral infections but also greatly reduces the chances of breast cancer.

Keeps Stress At Bay

When one has an orgasm then the body releases happy hormones like oxytocin and DHEA. Oxytocin fights against the hormone cortisol that causes stress. Thus it keeps the body calm. DHEA or dehydroepiandrosteroneis an endogenous steroid hormone. Its function has not fully been deciphered yet but it does play a significant part blending estrogen and androgen.

Lesser Pain, Active Life

With age the body slows down and one feels all kinds of aches and pains. Having sex regularly releases hormones like endorphins and corticosteroids which act like analgesic medicines do and help thus to reduce pain. Lower aches in the body will keep you feeling more active, which, in turn, will give you energy and the willingness to stay healthy and fit. This naturally helps to reduce the chances of breast cancer since obesity is one of the reasons due to which older women develop breast cancer.

Mechanical Force Kills Cancer Cells

When you are having sex with your partner asks him to send adequate time in nipple stimulation. The mechanical force that is applied to the breasts during this time has the ability to not only stop the rapid growth of cancer cells but also, even make them normal. This was found during a research done at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. A recent study conducted at the University of Adelaide also said that a few minutes of regular simple stimulation could also help avoid the risk of breast cancer. For this, if at this age you are without a partner, you can even squeeze them on your own using a slightly rough cloth.

Reduces Obesity

Older and middle-aged women who are overweight have higher risks of developing breast cancer. Studies say that this could be because the excess body fat increases the levels of sex hormones like estrogens and androgens. A proper diet and exercise can reduce the risks of breast cancer. Sex is a good form of cardiovascular exercise. Hence if, one has sex regularly, the chances of breast cancer are lowered.

By controlling your alcohol consumption, give up on smoking and regularly exercising you can reduce your chances of breast cancer. Recent research has also shown that regular sex helps to reduce the chances of breast cancer. A woman’s sexuality is an inherent part of her life. So enjoy this bond with your partner and share the intimacy because it will not only be an expression of love but also a way for you to avoid breast cancer.

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