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Five Moves for Seniors to Keep You Fit During the Corona Lockdown

July 9, 2020 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

During the Corona lockdown, older people might find it difficult to stay active and keep in shape. While daily outdoor trips for exercise are permitted, it’s best advised to stay active indoor because as older people you are more susceptible to contracting the virus.

Here are five  moves that can help keep you at home fit during the lockdown


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This is a great way to keep fit indoors during the lockdown. It can be carried out by following these simples steps

  1. Start by standing tall with your feet placed slightly wider than your hip-width distance, slightly turned out.
  2. Roll your shoulders down away from your ears; this will help you maintain a straight spine.
  3. Look straight ahead, take a deep breath in and tighten your ab muscle.
  4. Bend your knees and push your hips back while lowering your hips towards the floor until it sinks just below the knees.
  5. Try to straighten as you are straightening your spine and tighten your core throughout the whole movement.
  6. Stay in position briefly before straightening your legs and exploding back into the standing position.
  7. Exhale

If your balance isn’t great, try getting up from a chair and slowly settle down. Carry out 10-12 of either of these in a row and then have a 1-2 minute rest. Repeat this exercise 3 times for maximum effect.


glute bridge
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Glute Bridge

This an easy exercise that can be done indoors during the lockdown. It is perfect for working out your bum and straightening your legs. Follow these steps to carry it out

  1. Start by lying flat on your back with arms straight by your side, knees bend hip-width apart, and feet flat the floor.
  2. Engage your core and glutes as if you are lifting your hips up towards the ceiling so your shoulders, hips, and knees are in a straight line
  3. Hold for a couple of seconds while squeezing your glutes before slowly returning to the start position.
  4. Slowly return to starting position.

Repeat 8-12 times in a row, then have a 1-2 minute break. Try to repeat this exercise 3 times.


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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Press-ups are a great workout routine for upper body strength but aren’t recommended for older adults due to the stress they lay on the body. Wall press-ups are and easier alternative that could be tried instead. They can be carried out by following these simple instructions.

  1. Start by facing the wall, standing a little more than an arms-length apart and feet, shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lean forward-facing and into the wall with your hands at shoulder height, shoulder-width apart.
  3. Slowly bend your arms until you get closer to the wall.
  4. Straighten your arms again while pushing away from the wall

Try to do 6-10 reps, three times over,  then take one or two minutes to recover in between reps.


This exercise is also known as arm slides. It can be carried out by following these simple instructions

  1. Stand with your back against a wall and your feet shoulder-width apart from each other.
  2. Lift your arms up with you elbows bent to make your thumb be at a level to your ears
  3. Slowly slide yourself down to a seated position while straightening your arms.
  4. Slide back up while moving your arms into the bent position again.

Do this 8-12 times, 3 times over with a minute or two to rest in between.


These are great for finishing your workout sessions. You start by standing with your legs a shoulder-width apart and simply raise yourself into your tiptoes.  Then, you simply lower yourself back down slowly

Perform these as a set of 5-10 calf circles each.

Now that you can’t go to the gym and you are on lockdown, these simple moves highlighted above can help you keep fit indoors. Be sure to stay healthy and stay safe during the lockdown.

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