COVID-19 And Seniors: What Facts Should You Be Mindful Off?
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COVID-19 And Seniors: What Facts Should You Be Mindful Off?

April 6, 2020 | Health | By Jason Reid

People over 50 must stay vigilant during the coronavirus pandemic. None of this is meant to scare you, but instead, it’s to prepare you for what’s about to come. We aren’t anywhere near the end of the pandemic, and it may rear its ugly head again after things calm down. During these uncertain times, you must stay focused on protecting yourself and your loved ones. We together can and will beat this virus if we’re vigilant and do what we’re told. Here are a few facts of which you should be mindful of to be safe during these unimaginably difficult times.

Social Distancing Keeps You Safe

In the absence of an established cure, your best chance does not come in contact with a carrier of the virus. You should stay at least six feet away from anyone. Keep an eye out for people who are too close and do your best to move away from them. If you feel that someone is invading your personal space, then let them know politely or step away. It’s best to avoid situations where you might encounter people who stay unreasonably close. For example, if you know a supermarket has lax rules when it comes to social distancing, try to avoid shopping there if it’s possible.

Go To The Store During Senior Hours

Many stores have what they’re referring to as senior hours. You won’t find anyone in the store who isn’t a senior citizen. If you are unsure that your local grocery store has senior hours, call or try to contact them online. In case you’re not 65 or over, ask if people your age are allowed to go. If you’re disabled, then you too might be able to shop during the senior hours even if you’re not old enough.

Wash Your Hands Immediately After Coming Home

You not only want to wash your hands, but your face, and glasses too, if you wear them. Wash your hands immediately before removing anything from the bags. You will also want to rewash your hands after taking your groceries out of their bags. You might even consider wiping down the packaging on your groceries with bleach water.

Avoid Touching Your Face, Nose, Or Eyes While Outside

It’s next to impossible not to touch your face. However, you need to try your best not to do it. Whatever you do, don’t put your fingers in your mouth. Try to distract yourself if you have an itch. Your hands may have come in contact with the virus, and by touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, you are giving it a straight shot into your body.

Go Outside As Little As You Possibly Can

This is the hard part for many because it’s essential to your health that you stay active. You want to stay inside as much as you can. Did you find yourself out of oregano for your special spaghetti sauce? Forget the oregano and eat your spaghetti sauce without it this time. You increase the likelihood of getting the virus with every trip to the store you make. You’ll have to get used to doing without for a little while until everything gets back to normal.

Contact Your Doctor Immediately If You Feel Like You Have Any Coronavirus Symptoms

If you have a fever or difficultly breathing, contact your doctor immediately. If you do have the coronavirus, it’s so important that you get treated immediately. The coronavirus attacks the lungs of many older people, and that’s where the real danger lies. If you can avoid the virus going into your lungs, you’ll be in much better shape to fight it head-on.

Don’t Panic And Realize This Will Come To An End

Right now isn’t the time to panic. It might seem like all you want to do is panic, but it’s not a good idea. You need to have a level head and think about things rationally. You will get through this if you protect yourself. Stay calm so you can be a support system for others. We all need each other right now more than ever, and let’s try our best to remain calm. You aren’t always going to be cool as a cucumber and it’s okay to get upset sometimes. Try to keep it together and rely on those who you love for emotional support.

Let’s Recap How Mature Adults Can Protect Themselves From The Coronavirus

  1. Practice social distancing and try not to get too close to anyone
  2. Do your shopping during senior hours or when stores are less crowded
  3. Wash your hands and face as soon as you come in from the outside
  4. Try your best not to touch your face, eyes, and nose
  5. Call the doctor immediately if you have a fever or difficulty breathing

The world has great resilience and spirit to go on. The vast majority of people who get the coronavirus have mild symptoms with a growing recovery rate. A very low percentage in the single digits end up dying from the virus. Stay vigilant and protect yourself. If you want to protect the world from this virus, the best thing to do is to stay at home and take care of yourself. The only thing you can do to protect anyone is to stop the spread of the virus until they come up with a vaccine.

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