15 Health Tips to get you in perfect shape For A Better Sex Life (Female)
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15 Health Tips to get you in perfect shape For A Better Sex Life (Female)

November 29, 2018 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

My dear ladies, your fitness always tests you in bed. Getting out of shape means you lose stamina and libido. And what about that cowgirl position that you love but can’t execute because your muscles scream when you squat? There’s always a way to get fitter; here are our top 15 health tips to get you in perfect shape for a better sex life, even after the age of 50!

How Fitness Affects Your Sex Life

Your sex life largely depends on your fitness and lifestyle choices. The vaginal walls start loosening up post menopause and birthing children. This means that the intensity of sensation reduces marginally during sex. You take longer to reach an orgasm, and many women don’t reach an orgasm only through penetration. Of course, you can’t expect it to go back to its original form, but there are several exercises that you can practice to tighten the pelvic muscles and glutes. A well maintained body also means good hormone circulation and a healthier libido and better lubrication naturally. Apart from that healthy glow and a lifted mood, exercising regularly shows a significant improvement in your flexibility and strength, which means a better stamina to have fun with your partner!

Tips To A Fitter Lifestyle

We know it’s difficult to get started after a long time. Here a few pointers to keep in mind while taking the fit route, no matter which spectrum of age you are at.

1. Getting Started

This is the hardest part of the journey to a healthier life. We have been living in such luxury that moving around is more difficult than we think. As they say “Everything you’ve ever wanted is right outside your comfort zone.”

Procrastination doesn’t help your cause because tomorrow never comes. All you have to do is make a solid decision and act on it today. It could be any activity that breaks the vicious loop. Go for a brisk walk if that’s what you can do but take the first step today. 

2. Most Of Your Obstacles Are In Your Head

The mind is our biggest enemy on the journey towards being a better version of ourselves. Self-doubt stems from comparing and understating your true capability. Why not surprise yourself by believing in your potential? Give yourself a little time and credit. Your obstacles are mental blocks and rejecting them at first thought coupled with an affirming breath will boost your energy. 

3. The Importance of Routine

No fit person in their fifties will refuse this mantra. Following a routine religiously and sticking to a pattern helps you gain a footing on progress much quicker than just going about it blindly. Make a fitness plan, chart your goals, and plan how much time you can dedicate towards it.There’s no room for excuses and slacking when you’re leading a disciplined life, which means canceling a few unproductive plans here and there. Time to toughen up and take charge, ladies!

4. Stretching Is Very Important, Ladies

I know you’re always in a rush to just start and get to the grind, but please don’t ignore this rule. I would paint it in flaming red if I could: STRECHING IS VERY IMPORTANT. Your muscles are stiff from not being warmed up and will cramp or tear easily if you make sudden jerks and movements. Runners should pay attention to loosening their ankles and hamstrings. Warm up well, get the blood flowing throughout your body and then begin your gym routine. You will thank us later.

5. You Need To Rest Well

Working out 7 days a week won’t get you to your fit self any time soon. You’ll eventually burn out. Resting is mandatory when you’re leading a disciplined lifestyle; your muscles need at least 24-48 hours to recover. Pursue your hobbies on the free days and plan your outings on such break days. Sleeping 6-7 hours every night is something that isn’t mentioned enough. If you’re mentally tired, you won’t be half as productive during the day.

6. What Works For Others May Not Work For You- Get Original

Stop comparing your workout plans, diet regime, progress time and goals to others. It won’t make you happy or help your purpose. Others may have a milder or more intense workout routine. That’s okay; everyone’s bodies work differently and need different patterns. The type of body you have also matters. You need to understand what type your body is, what plans and routine it reacts the best to and work with that information.

7. Your Body Is Different Everyday

You’re going to have amazing days where you’ve checked all the boxes on your list of exercises and there will be days where your body just isn’t feeling it. That’s okay. We’re all human, and our bodies are ruled by hormones in ways that don’t always please us. 

8. Listen To Your Body

Your body language is as important for others as it is for you. You need to learn how to grow accustomed to listening to it. It can be little signs like your muscles reacting positively to a workout saying “yes, this feels good”. Your body will protest by tensing up if something doesn’t work well; it could be pushing towards 30 sumo squats when your knees and hamstrings stiffen up. Listen to your body and ease up a bit. You don’t want to get an injury because those take a long time to heal.

Kegel Exercises for Pelvic Muscles

Kegel exercises are a specific set of movements that strengthen your pelvic muscles that provide support to your uterus, bladder, rectum and small intestine. Pelvic floor muscle training helps those who have a problem with holding their urine, have loose vaginal and uterine walls which are a common occurrence after childbirth and progressing in age. Your vaginal walls loosening cause your pleasure from penetration to take a dip. This also affects your time to reach an orgasm or lubricate. Practicing these pelvic floor exercises regularly will definitely show you a significant improvement in a few months time depending on how weak your muscles have gotten. There are several videos you can find online that give you a detailed tutorial on how to properly do these exercises. Some of them can be practiced discreetly at your work desks as well! Following are a few tips on how to go about your kegel exercises.

  • Find the right muscles in your pelvis to activate. A way to do this is to stop midway while urinating. If you are successful, you’ve found the right muscles.
  • Your technique needs to be perfected over time. Try practicing by tightening your pelvic muscles for 10-20 seconds for 5 repetitions with a gap of 10 seconds each. Increase the duration eventually as you get better at it.
  • Focus on tightening just the pelvic muscles and not your abdomen and glutes. Breathe normally through the exercise.
  • Repeat these reps 3 times a day.

Make Things Interesting

Apart from kegels, you have regular workouts to dive into. All your muscles are equally important and you need a regular workout regime to gain overall flexibility and endurance.

1. Join Fitness Trends and Clubs

If it excites you, join in on the fitness challenges that are trending on social media. It is a fun way to challenge our bodies to do better! Feeling included in a movement works well for a lot of women, so you can easily find a fitness club or a runners club to work out with. Working out with your partner is an awesome idea where you can constantly push and motivate each other to get fitter.

2. Plan Your Workouts In a Mixed Way

The problem with most ladies following a workout regime that we notice is how they get bored and lose interest easily. The fault lies in doing too much of just one flow. Integrating the three in your week will make your body feel the burn in a good way since it isn’t just going through the motions. You’ll also have more fun by introducing new workouts such as zumba, swimming, basic mixed martial arts, etc.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take slow but sure steps till you start seeing the difference in your body. The quality of your life will improve as your health takes an upward curve. Do more of what feels good to your body. You’ll notice a change in your body and sex drive gradually.

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