15 Health Tips For Men To Get Back In Perfect Shape For A Better Sex Life
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15 Health Tips For Men To Get Back In Perfect Shape For A Better Sex Life

November 29, 2018 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

Your youth might have passed you by, but that should not get you down. With slow and yet steady steps you can still get your health back and get into good shape so as to have a better sex life. Here are 15 health tips for men for a better sex life after 50.

How Better Shape Means Better Sex

Exercise not only controls blood pressure and reduces weight, but it also most definably improves the sex life. This is because:

  • Exercising will help you to build your strength, your levels of flexibility, and also your powers of endurance. All these are needed to improve the performance in bed especially at this age when the muscles and the bones tend to get a little wobbly and there are chances of hurting yourself during sex
  • Exercising helps to reduce the stress levels. This will help you to focus on the sex with your partner instead of getting distracted or being worried about other things.
  • Sex is a type of cardio exercise. So, at this age, you might find yourself getting breathless. Exercising will help you get that back in control as well.
  • When you start looking better and feeling better, your self-esteem will rise. This will help you to be more confident when you are having sexing with your partner.
  • Exercise will help you reduce your fat content and also promote better blood circulation. If you suffer from not being able to get a hard-on on time, exercise will help you in that as well.

How To get Back In Shape

1. Speak To Your Doctor

Before you get into a fitness regime, it is best to consult your doctor. He would advice you on your medications, do a complete health check up of yours, and advice you on some dos and don’ts when it comes to the exercises and the diet that you would be taking up.

2. Consult A Professional For Your Exercises

You are in your 50s now and hence it is not advisable for you to just go to the gym one fine morning with your pot belly and get started in the treadmill in full swing. Do consult a professional, as he would be able to advice which exercises would suit you and how you should slowly build it up. Also it is advisable to mix up the exercises and not just do one kind in order to get the maximum benefit and also so to not put strain solely on one set of muscles.

3. Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Don’t think that just because you have begun exercising and have started on a proper diet you will start noticing a change overnight. The body, at this age, will take time to get back in shape and you have to show a lot of patience and keep your expectations realistic. It will be easy for you to quit when you see that you still look the same, but that is when you cannot give up hope. You are on the right track – so keep at it.

4. Choose The Kind Of Exercise That You Like

Everyone does not like going to the gym. Some prefer a morning walk in the garden whereas others enjoy a game of golf when it comes to exercise. You need to assess which form of exercise you like and then take the plunge. Don’t just start doing something because someone else is asking you too. At the end of the day you are at an age where you need to not only get back into shape but you also need to enjoy what you are doing.

5. Watch What You Eat

You have to make changes in your diet if you are going to get back in shape. At this age the metabolism slows down and so the more you indulge in fatty, oily, and sugary food, the more you will add to your adipose tissue. Instead focus more on vegetables, fruits and an overall balanced diet. When it comes to proteins, it is good to have fish over red meat and the latter will add to your body mass. Also stay away from packaged food and junk food if you plan to get healthy.

6. Wait If You Are Hurt

The moment you find that it pains to do a certain kind of exercise you need to immediately stop. It could mean something serious, and if not, it could just mean that you need to slow down a little and allow healing time. At this age, healing does take a little longer. Wait till you feel perfectly fine again before you start again.

7. Stretch Before You Start Exercising

Your body is not going to be as flexible as it used to be. So do some bending and stretching to ease those muscles before you begin your exercise routine. If you don’t get into this habit you might even cause an injury to your muscles.

8. Focus On Muscle Building

Your aim now is not as much to lose weight, as it is to strengthen the muscles that have started to turn weak. On the advise of your professional trainer you could use light weights to increase the muscle strength. Doing squats and arm curls will also help to get the leg and arms muscle stronger.

9. Get Adequate Sleep

Your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep every day. If you are not getting this then you have to make some changes in your routine. Work a little less if you must, but hit the bed on time and switch off all alarms during the weekend so that your body gets the rest that it needs.

10. Help In The House

Start helping your partner in household chores. It will get you to move around a lot and also use various body parts, thus being providing good enough exercise for you. So get some vacuuming and lawn mowing done today.

11. Give Yourself Time To Relax and Unwind

Stress can cause a lot of health issues. So you absolutely must give yourself time when you can relax. Indulge in some hobby, listen to music, read a book, mediate, or even pamper yourself to some massage at the spa.

12. Stay Hydrated

Water helps to flush out toxins and thus keeps the body healthy. Instead of consuming caffeinated beverages or sugar packed juices, drink more water throughout the day to stay healthy.

13. Give Up Alcohol and Smoking

While excess of alcohol will damage your liver, smoking will harm your lungs. So it is time that you gave up on these vices if you want to shape up.

14. Take The Stairs

Walking up and down the stairs will do your heart some good. Studies have shown that using stairs reduces the cholesterol levels considerably. So, if you have stairs at work or at home, it is time you used those rather than the lift.

15. Take Supplements

Even if you are eating intelligently now, at this age, taking supplements, even if not necessary, does helps in improving the health quality. For example, vitamins like A, C and E does the prostrate good, the energy levels improve if one consumes vitamin B supplements and calcium tablets improve the bone density.

It is time that you made some positive changes in your life today and live healthier. These 15 tips will not only help you get back in shape but will also improve your energy levels, keep your blood pressure and diabetes in check, and also relieve you of a lot of stress.

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