10 Best Ways Women Can Deal With Vaginal Dryness To Increase Sexual Appetite
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10 Best Ways Women Can Deal With Vaginal Dryness To Increase Sexual Appetite

November 28, 2018 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

The estrogen hormone in women helps to keep the vagina lubricated with a layer of clear liquid. Amongst other reasons, aging often reduces the production of estrogen, which, in turn, reduces this lubrication thus causing vaginal dryness. This can be a cause of pain and discomfort for women both during masturbation and during sex. If you are in this group, then don’t worry anymore. Here are 10 ways by which you can overcome your vaginal dryness and have a happy sex life.

1. Topical Estrogen Therapy

Unlike pills, which add estrogens to your bloodstream, these are topical in nature. So they will relieve you of the vaginal dryness and yet not add hormones inside your body. However, they might give you some breast pain and also lead to a little vaginal bleeding. The three variants in this therapy are:

  • Ring – You will have to insert this into your vagina where it will release estrogen directly into your vaginal tissues. This needs to be replaced every quarter. For example, the brand Estring
  • Tablet – This tablet is to be put inside your vagina. For the first fortnight, you need to do this daily and then twice a week till you feel that your vaginal lubrication has improved. For example, the brand Vagifem
  • Cream – You will have to apply the cream daily for a couple of weeks and then apply it in consultation with your doctor. For example, the brand Estrace

2. Use Lubricants

When you are having sex, you should use a water base lubricant if you are suffering from vaginal dryness. These types of lubricants add moisture content to the lining of the vagina. Vaginal moisturisers are also available in the market. These can also be used to improve the lubrication. Avoid using lotions, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or vegetable oil in this area as they can damage the condom if one is being used and lotions can irritate the skin around the vagina.

3. Avoid Bubble Baths

Some lifestyle changes will also help you to reduce the dryness that you are suffering from. So avoid bubble baths, perfumed shower gels, and even lotions as the chemicals in them can irritate the vagina. Post sex, if you are taking a bath with your partner, it is best to keep him informed about this from before hand. Sometimes the washing powder that we use to wash clothes also leads to the dryness. So, you could try changing the washing powder that you are using to wash your undergarments with and see if any improvement happens.

4. Make Changes In Your Diet

Most of the vaginal fluid, which is rich in minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium and various other electrolytes and proteins, comes from the bloodstream and gets into the vaginal canal. So, if you would want your vagina to stay lubricated, then you should keep yourself well hydrated. If you drink excessively then you should also consciously reduce the consumption of alcohol as it cause dehydration, inclusion of food that is rich in protein and in omega 3 fatty acids in your diet is also a needed to reduce vaginal dryness. These include food like salmon, tuna, and sesame seeds. The falling estrogen level is also curtailed by foods that are rich in isoglavones. Such foods include, for example, nuts, apples, legume etc.

5. Get Some Exercise

Regular exercise not only improves the blood circulation in the body, which includes the vaginal area as well but also helps to maintain the hormonal balance in the body. So, you should do some cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis. Don’t try anything strenuous which can both hurt you and also harm you internally. However, a brisk walk in the sunshine is sure to reduce your dryness considerably and also keep you feeling more energetic and fresh.

6. Oral Sex and More Sex

Indulge in foreplay with your partner and don’t be in a hurry to have sex. Foreplay will slowly but surely stimulate you enough to get your vagina adequately wet before sex. Oral sex will also help to lubricate your vagina before the penetrative sex takes over. Regular sex helps to improve the blood flow to the genital area. So indulge in sex more often with your partner.

7. Stop Some Medicines

Some medicines, because if their composition, often causes both vaginal dryness and vaginal irritation. For example, the antihistamines and antiallergic medicines. So, once you stop such medicines you will notice a gradual improvement in your dryness.

8. Reduce Your Stress

Stress will cause your vagina to become dry. This is because stress leads to the production of epinephrine, a hormone that harms lubrication of the vagina. Hence you should try activities that will bring down your stress level and this is why meditation and massages becomes important. Now is the time for you to go and pamper yourself at a spa more often or join a meditation or a yoga class.

9. Check The Underwear That You Are Wearing

Yes, lacy underwear can turn a man on, but regular use of underwear that is not made of natural fibre or clings to your body will rub against your vagina and will increase the vaginal dryness. So, during those times when you are on your own and you are sure that your partner won’t get to see the kind of underwear that you are wearing, you should wear panties that are not tight and aremade of fabric like cotton. This will give the vaginal area some breathing space which, in turn, will not only reduce the chances of infection but will also alleviate the dryness. If you are wearing thongs then you could wear brands like Gap, American Eagle, Nordstrom, Madewell and for the more everyday underwear opt for panties from Need Supply andBase Range.

10. Don’t Douche

The vagina is able to clean itself. So there is no need to harshly clean it or douche. Rough cleaning habits during bath time will not only affect the lubrication of the vaginal lining but can also lead to tear thus causing pain.

Vaginal dryness at this age is a very common phenomenon. If you are experiencing it, don’t feel embarrassed to discuss it with your doctor or carry out these home therapies. It will go a long way in improving your vaginal lubrication and making it healthier.

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