10 Benefits Of Art Engagement And Art Therapy For Seniors
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10 Benefits Of Art Engagement And Art Therapy For Seniors

December 26, 2019 | Health | By Lisa Smith

Art is very powerful and is everywhere around us. It provides not only a sense of enjoyment and well being but is also very therapeutic. Seniors with a number of ailments can benefit greatly from art engagements and art therapy. They can reap a number of benefits from engaging in various art forms and also improve the quality of their lives. Here are 10 benefits of art engagement and art therapy for seniors you might find helpful.

1. Helps In Relaxation, Anxiety And Depression

Art engagements and therapy can help seniors feel relaxed and reduce the feelings of anxiety and depression. It allows for free expression of feelings and focuses on positivity. It’s a great tool to help seniors cope with common issues like isolation, loneliness and stress, which is usually a result of age and health-related changes.

2. Improves Cognitive Skills

Engaging in art therapy can help elders boost creativity and cognitive functions. It helps stimulate healthy brain activities and keep the brain sharp. For seniors living with memory conditions, it can create an avenue for communication and self-expression.

3. Improves Communication And Socialisation

Art engagements and therapy usually occurs in a social environment, this encourages participants to socialize and facilitate communication with people around them. It also helps seniors struggling with loneliness and isolation by giving them the opportunity to exercise their social skills, make new friends, and create new connections in a relaxing and casual setting.

4. Improves Physical/Motor Skills 

Art engagements and therapy comes with a few light physical activities which help improve motor skills and coordination. It also improves blood flow which helps with dexterity in the hands, wrists, and fingers. It can help seniors with Arthritis or other joint conditions manage inflammation and chronic pain.

5. Improves Humor And Playfulness

It can help elevate a person’s level of playfulness and stimulate their sense of humor as it is carried out in a social and relaxed environment. Cartoon art can also do a great deal in improving humor and playfulness.

6. Gives Sensory Stimulation

Art engagements and therapy uses everyday objects and art tools to stimulate hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. It helps elders suffering from dementia by giving them a means of communication, help in triggering emotions and improving their mood.

7. Relieves Stress 

Artistic activities allow for an open expression of feelings which can help reduce stress and have a calming effect. The calming nature of art creates an avenue for elders to forget about larger stresses and promotes a healthy and happy feeling.

8. Promotes Self-Awareness And Self-Expressions

Art is very powerful and lets you express yourself and share your life’s experiences with others through it. Art engagements and therapy on seniors can help them unlock hidden passions they may not realize they possess.

9. Foster Self-Esteem

Art engagements and therapy can help boost or foster self-esteem in elders. It provides an avenue for them to focus on their strengths and growth during a time they perceive they are at an inevitable and total decline. This boosts their self-confidence.

10. Nurture Faith

Art engagements and therapy helps elders nurture faith and belief in themselves. These activities give them a sense of importance and creativity making them possess a great belief in themselves and their abilities. Art is more than just fun and entertainment, it can be very beneficial to the elderly as it helps them engage with different art forms while addressing their mental, physical and emotional health all at the same time.  

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