Your Wardrobe must have after 50 +
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Your Wardrobe must have after 50 +

January 21, 2019 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

Crossing 50 does not mean compromising with style, comfort and sexiness. Various brands and style experts are creating fashion line for 50 plus seniors. Here we bring you a detailed, your Wardrobe must have after 50+. The fashion industry has redefined styles for women tremendously over the last decade, from the retro seventies to the hip-hop nineties and the revolutionary twenties, it has taken the world by a spin. When it comes to being fashionable, age is hardly a matter of concern, all you need to do is pick the right style for your body type, hair colour and taste.

There are some colour combinations which might suit you the best and enhance your looks whereas some could go terribly wrong. A crisp shirt tucked in with navy-blue pants is way better than a loosely hanging top with an ill-fitted jean. To help you out more, here is a list of some must-have wardrobe items that you should definitely have in your fifties:

1. Boot-cut or straight-cut jeans

Denim jeans that are fit on your waist and thighs are the best-looking bottom wear you could go for. Wear a bodysuit or a shape wear to enhance your curves, there is absolutely no reason you should shy away from them. A good lingerie inside a dress is always a cherry on the top! Prefer straight-cut or boot-cut jeans when it comes to denims, pair it with brown boots or wedges, a leather bag and you have a perfect casual outfit for a brunch, a movie or the supermarket shopping.

2. Beige coloured overcoat

Patel shades are full of grace and poise, they give a rich and royal look when worn with other shades of browns or whites. You must have seen the duchess of Cambridge wearing beige and light olive overcoats with white pants and brown boots, well, a pastel overcoat is nothing less than a royal outfit. Wear sunglasses that uplift your face and throw on a scarf to get the perfect look.

3. Grey waistcoat

Waistcoats make appealing outfits, from formal meetings to social gatherings with friends or colleagues, waistcoats are the go-to pieces every woman should have. Colours like grey, black, navy blue and maroon are the best pick for waistcoats. Remember the balance of shades and make sure you choose contrast colours to make it even. Crisp and bold cuts make the strongest impressions and reflect your personality. Go for well-fitted waistcoats that sculpt your body perfectly.

4. Maroon Evening Dress

Women age like fine wine, only more beautiful and sumptuous. Being sensual rather than sexy is more important, this is just the time to show how age has refined you into a wonderful woman. Go for a maroon slim-fit evening dress that shapes your curves, pair it with black heels and a luxurious clutch in your hand. Wear diamond jewelery to complete the look. However, if you want, you can also add a charcoal wool blazer to the dress if you are attending a social gathering.

5. Cardigans

Your body is changing continuously, thus it needs breathable and comfortable clothes which can accommodate the occasionally occurring extra fat and balance out the extreme weight-loss (which you gain by exercising sometimes!) shape too. This is the perfect wear for you if you feel good in three fourth or full-sleeves, team it up with leather boots and blue high-waist or mid-rise jeans. Also, go for one or two size smaller pieces, otherwise you’ll just end up looking frumpy!

6. Great-fitting pants

Wool/lycra is the best when it comes to pants, colours like navy blue, black and grey are the staple ones that women usually pick. Tailored pants that are nicely fitted go well with everything, from tops to cardigans, they give an amazing feel to the whole outfit. We recommend you to always ask the store-tailor to take your measurements and get the pants fitted according to the right size to have the best fit and look. Never settle for anything that doesn’t look presentable or gives a shabby look, you deserve to look your best!

7. Formal suit

You have probably worn dark coloured suits all your life, and this is exactly why you need to shift a bit and change your colour palette to lighter shades of nudes and pastels. Beige, mauve, pearly white, periwinkle, magic mint and lavender are amongst the best light shades you could wear. Accessories well with a gold bracelet watch and a classy handbag from Caprese, Louis Vuitton or Prada.

8. Pastel shade tops

Crème of white is a gorgeous colour which women love to wear! Pair the light shade top with a darker waistcoat and pants to complete the look. Go for pumps and heels rather than flat or boots, wear a belt if necessary to create a focal point for your dress. Colours like turquoise, baby pink, mauve and olive are the most liked when it comes to tops.

Accessories add-ons

Accessories are the only add-ons that can revamp your attire within a matter of a few seconds. One wrong move could completely take you off the hook while the right piece of accessory could make you the best-dressed lady in the room. Therefore, it is important to create a wardrobe that is not just filled with clothes but bags, clutches, jewelery, handbags, scarves, belts and everything that could boost up your outfit! Here are some must-haves accessories one should ideally have in their wardrobe:

1. Classy handbags

There is nothing more uplifting than a bold and classic handbag. Strong colours like black, red, mustard, brown boost up confidence while lighter shades like off-white and crème tend to give a subtle look brimming with poise. Explore different options, go for sling bags, clutches, hand-held bags and even totes. The right handbag can compliment your attire and give you a nudge making you feel more confident than ever.

2. Luxury watches

It is high time you dumped your leather strap watch and went for something more opulent and richer. Luxury brands like Fossil, Titan, Guess, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are curating the best possible metal strap watches for women these days. Titan has its own branch named “Raga” which focuses only on delicate bracelet watches with meticulously placed embellishments and colorful dials. Often an elegant watch is all you need to complete your look.

3. Beautiful jewelery

Buy platinum and diamond bands instead of the artificial jewelery you might have worn in college, focus on delicate and subtle designs that bring out humility and modesty. Ditch the bold patterns that seem too strong or colours that go off-beat with your outfit. Make a wise decision and research well before you buy a piece of jewelery for yourself.

4. Printed scarves

Scarves can add a little pinch of flavor to your outfit and give it a completely different feel altogether. Animal printed and floral scarves are the most common and preferred ones by women, you can also experiment with the ways you carry it. If you are heading out for a summer picnic or a family road trip, make a headband out of the scarf for a pretty look, you can also tie it around your waist to use it as a belt with kimonos and shrugs.

5. Lingerie/Bras

Be flexible with your bras, don’t hesitate to go for a larger or a smaller size, in fact, your body is undergoing some major hormonal changes and it needs all the comfort in the world right now. Buy silk and satin lingerie to avoid rashes from the laced designs. Always make it a point to buy non-wired bras to avoid skin irritation and unnecessary pressure under your breasts. Consider shape wear when needed and buy good bras that fit you right.

You can mix and match all these pieces and see what works the best for you. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with manicures, pedicures, spas and skin treatments to keep your body rejuvenated and fresh. Get a makeover (haircut, eyebrows shaping, waxing, hair colouring) and go for a long shopping haul to redesign your wardrobe. It is an investment worthwhile after all!

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