Winter Clothing Catalogue For Senior Women: 7 Things Your Cupboard Must Have
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Winter Clothing Catalogue For Senior Women: 7 Things Your Cupboard Must Have

August 4, 2019 | Fashion & Beauty | By Lisa Smith

Just because you have hit the fifties it doesn’t mean that this winter you need to sit in front of a log fire in the confines of your home, dressed in baggy sweaters and warm pajamas. Here we have brought winter clothing catalogue for senior women for this season. Get shopping and then step out like a diva.

Woolen Dress

If you thought that fifties meant granny time, then think again. You can sizzle in style even now. Wear a woolen dress and show off those toned legs. If the weather doesn’t permit that then pair it with tights. Now put on your coat and you are ready to get clicked for a glossy magazine. Mara Mozart High has neck jumper dresses while Pendleton has both woolen and flannel dresses.


Jeans will never go out of style. Come winter and skinny jeans is what takes over when it comes to stylish dressing. As you add layers on top, it is the silhouette of your legs from which people will understand what your real size is! You can pair this with your boots and a short jacket or even a drape top in satin for a night out. You have options like Coco Curvy Slim Straight Jeans, Made well Curvy High Waist Skinny Jeans etc.


A coat should be of a good brand so that it lasts you through the years and keeps you feeling warm. You can always dress it up with a colourful scarf or wear the faux fur collared ones as well. You could also choose a duvet or a puffer coat. It will not only protect you from the cold but you will be able to fit it in your bag pack too if you are planning a winter getaway. At the moment it is the metallic colours that are in vogue. These especially look good with pants while the longer coats will go better with long skirts and boots. Aston and Blue Duck are brands that have luxury shearling coats. For jackets and windcheaters, Boathouse is a good option. For a woolen coat that has the traditional touch to it, Fleurette is the brand for you.

Capes And Shawls

At your age one trick to beat the cold and yet look stylish is to layer your attire. This is where capes and shawls come handy – they add an extra layer to the warmth. Also it can be worn over a coat in deep winter and over your top when the weather becomes more pleasant. Not only the various colours and prints, they come in reversible options as well. Go to and you will find a huge variety – right from capes by Urban Coco to shawls by Achillea and Maa Magic.

Scarves and Caps

When you are covered up from head to foot, it is unlikely that any of your expensive pendants and watches will be seen. So, during winter you need to accessorize with colourful scarves. If your coat or sweaters were of a single colour, a multi-colored scarf would definitely make the look more chic. If you want more wrapping around then choose a blanket wrap scarf. Winter also means the head needs to be protected. One great way is to use caps. You could choose from wool or felt options. Duckworth is the brand that will give you caps made from Montana grown merino wool. Catimini is another option where you can find embroidered woolen caps.


Cashmere sweater means style. You can wear a collared shirt under it or even pair a snuggly fitting one with knee length tweed skirts or trousers. Another option is to wear a turtleneck sweater. This will keep your neck covered (and hide those wrinkles) and it will especially look good if you wear a sleeveless dress over it or even when worn with the skinny pair of jeans. You can shop for turtlenecks at Nordstrom, Giada Forte, and Lauren Manoogian.


You can wear over the knee ones with your pants when it is colder at night and pair the ankle length ones with your dress when the sun is shining bright. Steger Mukluks have a moose hide outer and rubber soles. The inside has liners of felt. These boots are light and will keep you warm as well. Kamik is a company based in Canada that also has snow boots for women. Keen is another option that you can explore.

Winter is a time when you can experiment with colours and layers. So stop feeling shy and thinking that age has got the better of you and start your dressing-up adventure today.

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