Stylish At 60 - Men
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Stylish At 60 – Men

December 24, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

“And the world is yours to conquer now.”

Good times are about to roll if you’re in your 60’s. You will have the two most efficient resources in the world; time and money. Make an impact through your style statement, let your outfit speak up for your experience and personality. The clothes you wear will emanate the life you have lived. Be a stylish at 60 – men icon for the younger generation, wear your hard times like badges on your clothes and style.

It’s often seen how people treat the ones who have turned 60 as someone who is obsolete with the latest fashion trends as if they have only the literal contemporary styles to their knowledge. Set the seal on by having a wardrobe that fits you and enhances your body structure more.

Neutral Colours Work The Best

Neutral colours are your new favorites. Keep it sleek and simple, yet bold and strong with well – fitted suits and waistcoats. Your attire needs to reflect your seniority and experience with some sass. Some pops of pattern must be added to give the whole outfit an edge, like a striped tie, spotted socks or a satin neckerchief. However, you should refrain going with bold cuts and intense graphics printed tees, much like being a rebellious teenage kid. Have class and royalty with colours like Beige, Camel, Navy Blues, Grey, White, Ivory and Taupe.

Must-Have Clothes In Your Wardrobe

Every season has its own colour and feel and you need a wardrobe that can ace it all up. There are some staple clothes that a man should have in his sixties. A casual double-breasted jacket, an overcoat, soft tweed suits, tuxedo and waistcoats being at the top of the list. Leather shoes and white sneakers (occasionally) work amazingly well with both, formal and casual outfits. Chinos and trousers are more for you now than anyone else. Pair up a white shirt, navy blue waistcoat with a navy chinos. 

The Perfect Outfit Ideas

Being suited up is all that your entire life has been like, you need to cut a little slack now and wear what makes you feel comfortable. There are some amazing outfits that you could go in to make a style statement and yet be comfortable.

Choose dark colours for :

Date Nights: A navy blue waistcoat and trousers with a black shirt beneath the coat is the perfect combination for a date night or a dinner. You can also wear a maroon coloured shirt inside, pair this outfit with brown Wing Tip shoes or Debry shoes. Wear a metal watch to give the heavy look and you are good to go.

Clubbing: Remember that you need your style to speak for your personality. Keep it enticing by picking out ravishing clothes that fit your body and aren’t baggy at all. Prefer darker colours at night-time.

Winter: Linen wool, tweeds along with cashmere and merino wool are best suited for winters. A black overcoat with navy waistcoat and trousers along with black leather shoes are made just right for winters. Brown coats with grey pants accompanied with brown shoes are yet another stylish combination you could pick up for a casual day.

Lighter shades are best for:

Day-to-Day Wear: When it comes to daytime, light and neutral colours are the best picks. Avoid wearing dark colours such as black, chocolate brown or navy blue. Choose the lighter shades that would give you a more fresh and younger look. Olive shirt with beige trousers, paired up with Taupe coloured desert shoes is a decent look you can pick. You can also wear a Single Monk strap shoe if you do not want the Taupe.

Corporate Dressing: White-collared jobs require you to be spic and span 24*7, they want crisp and neat clothes, flawless as they say. Whites and blues are not the only options for corporate dressing in today’s era. Buy shirts that have a minimal pattern on them, minuscule flowers, dots, patterns, literally anything. Pair your shirts with chinos to get a different look.

Summer: You can opt for cotton mixes in summer because of the material being so breezy and light. A black and white checked shirt with Jeans and sports shoes is an amazing combo for the summer time.

Holidays: Go with colours that are light and cool. Aqua, light yellow, beige and olive are the best ones from the palate. Avoid wearing floral prints or anything that has to do with nature including animal prints. 

Tailored Fittings For A Masculine Fit

You would not want to wear anything that doesn’t fit you well. Keep in touch with a good tailor who would make fitted clothes for you time and again. Your body is fluctuating between sizes and shapes now, either you are gaining weight but don’t really feel like hitting the gym or maybe you’re loosing it. You need to keep your wardrobe inline with your body shape, else you might lose out on a lot of personality! Eat healthy food and make sure you fit in your clothes nicely, no need to rush for it and go on a keto diet though. A well-versed tailor at hand should be your best friend now.

Accessorizing The Right Way

Let’s face it, you don’t need a ton lot of accessories to make you look rich. Scarves are going to be your saviors most of the times, a heavy watch, with minimum cuff link designing, is the right way to do it.

Brown leather sling bags are in vogue these days, they go flawlessly well with neutral shades. A neckerchief or a bow tie is the one piece you would want to wear on a date night. It looks absolutely stunning and classy when paired up with a shade of black. Sunglasses can be worn with any outfit at any time of the year literally, make sure you have 4-5 of them to go with all your outfits.

Groom Yourself Like A Gentleman

You need to look like a gentleman with fine age, there is absolutely no need for you to go for a hip-hop or bohemian look unless a trip to Bali demands it. Make sure you groom yourself well and go for regular haircuts and shape your beard every week or fortnightly. It is also important to trim your nose hairs, eyebrows and ear hairs. Since this sends an unhygienic signal to other people, ensure that you are clean and well-trimmed. If you have hair loss issues, it is better you go completely bald rather than hanging on with that little amount of hair you have. Go for a sleek, short and smart haircut which is easy to manage and maintain. Use beard oil and hair oil to have a nice texture and apply argon oil on weekends to make them shinier and smoother. 

Dress up to express yourself, upgrade your wardrobe to the new trending styles and live a life king size. Invest your time wisely in your personality, attract everything in the universe towards you and emanate the power of knowledge and style all at once.

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