Stylish at 60 - Female
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Stylish at 60 – Female

December 24, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

One of the greatest misconceptions is that once a woman reaches sixty she looks shabby and is totally uninterested in looking good. The truth is that women over sixty still want to and can look fashionable and stylish. Here’s how to be Stylish at 60 – Female list for you.

Don’t Try To Be Someone Else

You know whom you are and so you should dress in a way that makes you feel both comfortable and also confident of yourself. You do not need to follow the fashion of the season and you do not need to dress like someone else. For all you know, you just might land up looking silly. Imagine wearing a loud neon mini skirt! Also, there might be some clothes that look good on those younger but if worn by you, it just might make you look even older – for example, a long grey skirt in summer. Now, why would you wear that when you can look smarter in a light blue knee length skirt? Instead of inappropriate clothing, show off your skin which is still glowing, show off the suave haircut you recently got, and show off the body which is still in such great shape.

Dress For The Occasion

You have seen so many fashion trends come and go that by now you are a pro at what makes you look elegant. Hence, when you face different situations, you will automatically know what you need to wear. Do not wistfully keep leafing through those glossy magazines. You are already good at dressing beautifully – believe that. Just exude that confidence wherever you go and think intelligently while choosing your attire. I know you will never go to work in a see-through shirt or on a date in a pair of old jeans.

You Don’t Need To Be Conservative Always

You might be the lady who has an adventurous spirit within her. Go on and embrace it. If you have any doubts about that then know this – of course you can still wear that black gown that shows off your cleavage while on a date. Of course you can buy yourself that multi-coloured pair of sneakers for your morning going jog. Fashion is not a mathematical formula. Just make sure that when you wear a particular piece of attire that draws ones attention to it, avoid wearing excess of the other things. For instance, all that the black gown needs is a small diamond ear stud and not a hanging pair of bling and those colourful sneakers should be ideally paired with track pants that is of a single deep colour.

Have Role Models But Don’t Be Blind

We all have that one celebrity who is our fashion role model. Even at your age of course you could have one. But before you want to doll yourself up just like her, remember this – celebrities are often asked to wear clothes as brand endorsements and also how they appear on screen and on magazine covers is after many layers of makeup. So, when you are dressing up, do use their style as queues but don’t try to follow it to the t.

Don’t Get Hurt

It your attempt to be fashionable don’t hurt yourself physically in any way. For example, even if you like to step out in heels, avoid them if you are going shopping with your friends. You should avoid wearing jeans that are too tight because you will be hurting your stomach. At this age taking care of your body is important because once hurt, healing takes long. Thus, be stylish but not uncomfortable.

Take Care Of Your Body

Only wearing fashionable clothes won’t make you stylish if your yellow teeth are revealed when you smile, have unkempt eyebrows, have hair growing out of your chin, and have rough, white hair flying all about. So, visit your dentist and get your teeth to sparkle and don’t forget the brushing and flossing every night. Do visit the salon and make yourself to look ‘well kept’. Do your exercises so that what one sees first is your well toned body.

Accessories With Your Attire

What you wear is one story, what you wear and carry along with it is an equally important story. This includes jewellery, watches, sunglasses, and bags. For example the bag that you carry reveals a lot about you. A clutch on a date is good but don’t carry one that is an eye-dazzling one. Invest in a variety bags – from the staple bag pack to the small ones with slings; from the embroidered pouch to the purse that holds a lot – just so that you have the right one for the occasion.

Don’t Overdo

Please don’t go overboard with your makeup and turn yourself into a painted picture. Also know which shades suit you. For example, not everyone can carry off a bright red lipstick. So, don’t try it if you feel uncomfortable. Instead choose a deeper tone like a burgundy. There is no need to overdo your hair either – be that with the highlights and streaks, the kind of cut, or the way you tie your hair. Sometimes, she is most fashionable who keeps things simple.

Correct Lingerie

Please invest in the best quality lingerie for they will be closest to your body. You need ones that not only look good (Ahemm! In case the need arises) but also make sure that you buy ones of be right size lest you find your breasts not fitting in well inside the bra or the straps pinching you at the skin.

Surgeries To Look Better

You might be tempted to get under the knife to lift up your sagging breasts, to remove the wrinkles from your face, or to make your lips look fuller. Hair implant may also tempt you. While, sometimes, these might enhance a lady’s beauty, often it backfires and you might land up looking silly and weird. Also, some studies have revealed that Botox can lead to muscle degeneration and ultimately spoil your skin and health. Instead get regular hours of sleep, indulge in massages and facials, and use good quality moisturisers.

Just follow these tricks and always maintain your self-confidence. You will find that you are a fashion vista very soon that so many are looking up to.

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