How to feel sexy after 60: FASHION AND STYLING
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How to feel sexy after 60: FASHION AND STYLING

December 19, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

The most common misconception that anybody can have regarding fashion is that it can be restricted to any certain age group. There is nobody who can stop you from feeling sexy if you wish to – no matter what age you are at this point of time. Feeling sexy and beautiful comes from inside, and if you have the confidence to feel sexy at sixty, turn a deaf ear to the naysayers and read on to know more about fashion and styling to look and feel more confident with your own self.

Being sexy at sixty does not mean that you have to dress younger to look hotter – that approach actually is a surefire way of failing at your quest. The world looks at women over sixty like they are only good for senile and grandmotherly garb, little does anybody realize that sense of style and the desire to feel good by looking better doesn’t depend on an individual’s age – it is eternal.

If you are hunting for an example, there’s one right in front of you in the godly gracious form of Meryl Streep, or even Helen Mirren. Always experimenting with their looks but maintaining a solid balance between timelessly classic and effortlessly chic, while somehow also managing to not let their respective ages reflect on their appearance.

Women in the twenty first century are more independent regarding their life choices, and that choice includes the decision to feel sexy no matter which age group you belong to. As a generation, we are more confident about who we are than those who went before, so we do have the guts to be the person that we can be without thinking about the age group that we belong to.

There are a few things that you should remember while styling to feel and look sexy after sixty:

Do Embrace Your Age

When people decide to dress younger in order to look better, it gives the totally opposite feel to the desired effect. It makes one look like they are trying too hard, or desperate to prove a point. Being sixty and above comes with its own dignity and respect, and that should reflect in your dressing ideals as well. There are ways to look sexy and be fashionable without looking gaudy or flashy. Look at Susan Sarandon on the red carpet of any Hollywood event – wearing the silhouettes that flatter the body shape and the beautiful skin that she has. One has to understand that gaudy makeup, sharp stilettos or short skirts and tight leggings would not do any favor to any woman above sixty. In order to feel ageless and sexy, you should know which shapes and fabrics flatter your body type, skin and height to create an all over look that makes you look and feel beautiful.

Always Go For Classics

When you reach sixty and above, you can successfully say that you have seen all sorts of fashion fads and fails there has been throughout the years, and you have been none the wiser. The safest way to look sexy for your age has and always be the choice to dress in timeless and classic styles and silhouettes. Usually all fashion trends are designed keeping in mind the younger 20s and 30s audience in mind, no matter which fashion week in which fashion capital of the world is deciding it. Do not get swayed by what people are wearing or following, instead, look for pieces that cannot go wrong or be branded as passé. Classics work for a reason, and make sure you toe the line carefully that separates it from conservative. This is one of the major keys to master fashion and styling for women over sixty.

 Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk

The best fashion advice that anybody can give anybody, no matter what age they belong to has always been “Dress for the part that you want”. And that is somewhat true when it comes to dressing above sixty as well. This brings us back to the first point, it is very important to embrace the person you are, and your age is a part of that identity. Even when you are dressing to look and feel sexy, it is very important to include elements of your individuality in your own unique style. For that you have to figure out how you want to look when you are making that change in your life – do you want to be sporty? or are you more of someone who goes for elegant and soft? You need to figure these fundamental factors out before you decide who you want to be when you dress to impress!

Find Your Inspirations

While trying to be fashionable and stylish, it is always imperative to understand what you are aspiring towards. When we were young, a lot of us had posters and pictures of famous models and actresses, like Cindy Crawford or Jane Fonda who wowed us with their impeccable sense of fashion at that time and we did aspire to look like them and feel as beautiful or sexy as they did, or maybe more. The same applies even now – look at people and styles that inspire you, and you will have a much better and clearer idea as to how you want to dress like, or like who. It is not like the older times, when women over sixty are sidelined towards the ending edge of the fashion world, we have more over fifty and sixty fashion icons to look up to these days. Women like Madonna, Cher and Goldie Hawn constantly keep on showing us how to reinvent ourselves with each passing decade, and how to emerge victorious in terms of style and fashion, no matter what trend or fad is in vogue at that point in time.

The most important thing to remember while dressing to wow especially if you are above sixty is to not let the world decide what makes you look better when you put it on. Be yourself, no matter what you do and what you wear, and that is the sexiest thing that a woman can do for herself.

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