How Can Women Over 50 Plan A Perfect Wardrobe for An Intimate Moment
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How Can Women Over 50 Plan A Perfect Wardrobe for An Intimate Moment

December 19, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

An intimate moment doesn’t start with sex in bed but instead it starts much before that. So, If you are above 50 and wondering how to plan a perfect wardrobe for an intimate moment then here’s how you can do it.

Date Night Outfits

The intimate moment has begun when the man has asked you out on a date. If you haven’t been dating for a while you might be wondering what it is that you should wear on this special night. The rule of thumb is to dress evocatively. So, avoid trying to look like a teenager or like an old woman. Avoid frills, choose deeper jewel tones, and get the cut that accentuates your most desirable body part. For example, buy one with a plunging neckline (but not too plunging so that it does not suggest that you want sex) if you like your breasts or one with a slit if you approve of your well toned, long legs. Avoid cotton as a material because they get crumpled but instead choose satin or silk as they will flow better and give a creamier texture to your attire. Brands like Chanel, Whistles, L K Bennett are places where you should shop.


On a date you should not dare to wear anything that is shoddy, old, or matronly. So put those bras and panties back into the cupboard and go shopping. Try brands like Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Cosabella, or Hanky Panky. Buy a matching pair of bra and panty, ideally made of lace. Make sure that the bra that you buy perks up your sagging breast and does not show from under your dress. Get panties that look pretty and are also comfortable to wear. While buying your undergarments keep in mind that he might just be peeling off your clothes to them – so keep them non fussy and easy to handle. Avoid wearing a body shaper because that would be a turn off for a man to see when he begins to undress you.


Your feet might no longer be able to bear the weight of you were to step out in your stiletto. However, if you cannot be without your heels because they go well with your date night outfit, then opt for smaller heels. It would do you good to keep a pair of pretty sandals in the cupboard too. Some dresses look flirty with sandals, especially in summer. For winters, you must have boots. For your age, suede would look more sophisticated than leather would. Opt for a dark shade, as that is likely to go with your winter attire, like a dress and an A-line coat, even while you are out in a date. Visit Easy Spirit, Clarks, or Aerosoles to get yourself that comfortable and yet stylish pair of shoes.


Never over accessorise simply because you have them. So avoid the extra bling – it does nothing to turn on a man. What you actually must have in your cupboard for the intimate night is a string of pearls or solitaire earrings with a matching pendant. Always were a neckpiece that is hanging as a choker or a collar will draw attention to the wrinkles on your neck. As for earrings, if you are more for the dangling ones, you could wear elegant and sparkling chandeliers but totally avoid hoops for an intimate moment. You could also keep in your cupboard a jewel as your breastplate if you want to draw attention to your cleavage. A jewelled watch that is feminine and delicate is also a must have. This is the age where you have natural elegance you don’t need to over do it and look silly with excess of jewellery. Accessories at a later stage will also mean that you have a nice pair of sunglasses and a sun cap that has its frills and flowers. They will go a long way in making you look beautiful when you have intimate moments out in the sun!

Cosmetics And Perfume

Men don’t like women to look like a painting with layers of makeup and neither do they want her to smell like the entire garden. Hence, while revamping your cupboard, get yourself make up from the best brand while paying heed to your complexion and also what you can carry off. A deep maroon lipstick, by the way is a must. As for when you are buying the fragrance, keep it light and floral and nothing that over powers the senses. Try brands like Chloe, Dolce and Gabbana, or Tiffany to turn your man on with you scent.


The right bag adds class to the attire. Think names like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, or Fendi.For an intimate candlelight dinner, carry your bare essentials in a small clutch. Don’t make it excessively shiny. For must haves, you should also keep a larger bag in the cupboard for that’s the one that you will need when you have planned a day outing with him that involves a picnic and much more after that.

Winter Wear

No one said you couldn’t have an intimate night in winter. So you should keep the right winter wear in that cupboard of yours as well. Go buy yourself a coat, a jacket, a snugly fitted turtleneck, a scarf with chic print, and a stylish muffler for when you are going out. For the house, keep in your cupboard an over sized pullover. Your man is sure to get turned on if he finds you wearing a bra, an over sized sweater, and nothing else.


You will need to have this in your cupboard for sure. For once you start having sex there will soon come a time when you would want to tempt him with the lacy corset or the revealing nightie. Also buy a silk rob or kimono – tightly wrapping yourself only with this while you give him a massage would make him want much more of you. So go on and spend some time checking out the perfect lingerie that you would want to show off yourself with. While you are buying these, also buy some regular V-neck, slightly cleavage revealing, t-shirts and capris. Imagine an intimate moment in the kitchen while you are making morning tea? Yes, you will need these tees then.

An intimate moment with the man you love always is a special one. With these tips you can have all the essentials in your cupboard when such a moment comes knocking.

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