Fashion Dilemmas That 50+ Women Face
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Fashion Dilemmas That 50+ Women Face

November 29, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

With age the body goes through a lot of changes. While we still feel young at heart, the outward bodily changes cannot be denied. Thus, even though you might be an extremely fashion conscious lady, you will possible face some Fashion dilemmas that is common at this age. Here’s what can hound you when it comes to dressing up.

The Colours And Prints

Bright hues might be what you have always liked. However, when you are above 50, if you decide to go out in neon colours or leopard prints then the eyes might turn not to appreciate you but to stare at you horrified. Hence it is time to mellow down the shades a little. Target graceful dressing rather than trying to portray that you still have youth in your side.

The Skin Show

With age the wrinkles and the sagging skin that develop cannot be avoided. Look at yourself in the mirror and know which are the body parts that are best left covered. Choose your attire accordingly. Just because it is a date night don’t wear a plunging neckline if your neck looks wrinkly. Rather, maybe, reveal your toned legs by wearing a gown with a slit.

The Fit

Maybe you would have been able to carry off something that is a size lesser than what you are in your youth. But, if you try it at this age not only will it hurt you but also not look appealing to the eye. You do not need to step out in clothes that resemble gunny bags, however, with the bulges that age brings with it, you do need to assess the fit of your clothes well.

The Fashion Trend

Fashion is constantly changing. Even if you like being a part of this movement and is up to date with the latest styles, you might need to think twice before trying it on yourself. Not all fashion trends might suit your age. Rather, buy clothes that are of high quality, of luxury brands, look and feel good, and suit your body type.

The Others Still Exist

You might be going through a phase where you feel that you don’t care what others say or think about you. Till a point this is fine and does good for one’s self-confidence. However, don’t over do this, especially when it comes to fashion. Don’t dare and risk so much that your dressing sense turns into a laughing stock. Be honest to yourself when you stand in front of the mirror and wear what looks appealing and not that which you need to wear to prove a point to people because deep down you still do care about what people think about you.

Be Desirable

Stop the self-pity. Don’t go into a spiral thinking that you are not desirable any more. There are plenty of men out there who still want to be with you. Hence stop stepping out dressed shabbily or looking like a plain Jane. There is no need for you to apply loud make up or wear clothes that you can’t carry off, but there is need for you to wear clothes that make you look smart because heads are still waiting to turn.

Don’t Be With The Herd

Being fashionable also means to have clothes that are unique. When you buy from stores or even online you already know that more women would be buying the same product. Added to this the fit might not be perfect as well. So, stop going with the herd and find a tailor for yourself and get made-to-order clothes for yourself. You deserve the best after all.

Have The Essentials

Some clothes never go out if style, like, for instance, a pair of jeans, a white shirt, a floral dress, a gown, and a short jacket. Added to this make sure that you cupboard has the right accessories like jewellery, belts, watches, bags, shoes, hats, and sunglasses.

Choose The Right Lingerie

You might like the look of the lacy bra at the shop and might want to wear it to bed but it might not help pucker up your sagging breast. You might like the look of the red thong but it might make your stomach look big. So, instead choose lingerie which will not only provide support and be comfortable but will also look good on you when your partner sees you after the clothes are off.

Remember that you are special and you have the right to express your individuality. So, while you need to be logical and not get carried away, you should always remain trendy and love yourself enough to wear what looks good and feels nice.

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