A Guide To Pain Free Clothing: Wardrobe For Arthritis Affected Seniors
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A Guide To Pain Free Clothing: Wardrobe For Arthritis Affected Seniors

July 7, 2019 | Fashion & Beauty | By Lisa Smith

Arthritis affects millions of seniors and when it does, it brings down the mobility, dexterity and the strength of the hands, wrists, fingers, knees and the shoulders. This causes clothing problems – both in terms of comfort and ease of wearing them. If you are suffering from arthritis then here’s your guide on how you can choose the pain free clothing for yourself.

The Wardrobe


When it comes to wearing dresses, opt for those that have a zipper in front. This will help you to be able to wear the attire more easily. Choose from options that have an easy grasp zipper.  The other option is to wear dresses that are a pull on over the head and don’t have any hooks or buttons at the back as that might be difficult for you to reach. Don’t try any outfit that is too tight and allow some room in the arms area by opting for larger armholes and also those that have a slightly larger waistline.


Avoid skirts that have tiny buttons or zips. Instead wear wrap around skirts or those that have an elastic waist band or a side zip.


Wear pants that come with an elastic waist band. If lifting up the pant becomes tough, then you could sew in grab-loops to it which will help you to pull up the pant yourself.

T-Shirts and Tops

Avoid any t-shirt of top that is too tight near the neck. Instead wear those that have a generous neck opening as it will make the wearing it and taking off easier for you.


Opt for bras that are front open as that will help you to fasten it easier. But bras that have larger hooks  and avoid tiny ones as you might be struggling to fasten them yourself.

Winter Wear

Avoid wearing turtlenecks or pullovers that are too tight. Instead opt for cardigans with large buttons or customise them with Velcro straps. You could also wear jackets with an easy grasp zipper. You could even wear ponchos or shawls if putting on a sweater or a jacket feels tough.

Shirts and Ties

For men, wearing shirts could be a big problem when arthritis happens. Wearing shirts with Velcro fasteners is a good option in such cases. When it comes to ties, wearing them from scratch can become quite a challenge. So buy zippered neckties instead. These ties have a knot pre-made and all that you have to do it to zip it to slide it up towards your neck.


Don’t try to wear shoes that comes with complicated buckles and strings. Also avoid heels as walking then could be painful. Instead opt for flats which have an easy slip on style. If you have rheumatoid arthritis then buy memory foam insoles which are removable. You can use this in all your shoes before you wear them. It will cushion your feet and reduce the pain.


While walking the feet could hurt. So always try to wear your shoes with padded socks. Another option that will take care of your swelling  are compression socks. If putting on socks on your own becomes difficult  and there is no one to help you then buy a sock aid. This comes with a half-tube with an attached handle which will help you to pullup your socks.

Tips On How To Dress

If the senior’s mobility has become so restricted that he is unable to wear clothes himself, then you should buy tops for him/her that come with snap-backs and bottoms that come with side zips so that he/she can be dressed even in the lying down posture.

If you are dressing yourself then do so slowly. It might help if you sit down and wear your clothes instead of doing so in a standing posture.

Brand To Choose From

  • Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing is a line of clothing that has been designed for seniors with arthritis. These clothes come with magnets and are easy to wear
  • Buck and Buck have a clothing line for arthritic patients that come with large zips and snap-on backs
  • Cozy Feet is a brand that has a good collection of stylish shoes that caters to those with arthritis

Arthritis affects the joints. So, when you are choosing clothing, opt for variety that does not involve much joint movement. There are many brands in the market now that cater specifically to arthritic people. So go ahead, and find the right attire for yourself today.

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