15 brilliant Tips That Will Help You Stay Fashionable After 50
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15 brilliant Tips That Will Help You Stay Fashionable After 50

November 29, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

If you are in your fabulous 50’s, congratulations! You can now have all the time in the world to tick off the things that you had on your bucket list since a long time, or maybe focus more on your health and lifestyle. Pamper yourself and give a makeover to your wardrobe to up your style game.

Change your lifestyle, eat healthier and dress smarter. Having a good outfit boosts up energy to live fully, fashion is way deeper and more passionate at 50’s as compared to the younger generations. Be confident and carry yourself with grace and poise. Here are few tips that will help you stay fashionable after 50:

1. Tailored Clothes

Aging is a wonderful experience but you definitely wouldn’t want to fast forward it with baggy clothes. Loose-fitted and voluminous clothes are the last things you should have in your wardrobe!Befriend a good tailor who knows your fittings well and helps you with your outfits. It is essential that you prefer tailored clothes that fit your body well so that you don’t worry about the little fat or bulge you might have.

2. Knee length skirts and dresses

Why knee length you ask? Because you want to flaunt your body in the most beautiful way that could ever be, and you can’t always trim down on your thighs or remove the stretch marks due topregnancy or weight changes. Not only a knee length dress would cover it all up but also look graciously serene and refined on you. Mid-knee skirts are also a good alternative which you can rely on. Wear a perfect heel to match with your skirt/dress and voila!

3. Balance bold colours

People go on advising you that you should wear subtle and soft colours, thatbold is not just meant for you anymore. Well, you should flush it down the memory lane right now! You’ll be eliminating a whole lot of trendy fashion if you discard bold colours, all you need is a little balance. If you are wearing a bright red sweater or an overcoat, pair it with shades of white to make it look bold yet sophisticated. You don’t want to be looking like a hippie with all the jazzy colours, but learn how to balance it out with lighter ones and you can definitely wear these everyday.

4. Accessorize the Right Way

Handbags, bracelets, watches, sunglasses, scarves and belts are the little but phenomenal things that could give you a stylish look altogether. Accessorizing the right way is an important thing, doing it over the line or below the bottom could make things worse. You can create a focal point with your accessories easily, delicate jewellery pieces and stylish bags are a head-turner for everyone. A bright coloured scarf can take the whole credit for your look and you might not even realize how attractive it actually is.

5. Add layers

Fifty plus women think that fifty means frumpy, however, it is a wonderful age. Layering is an art which needs the perfect colour palette for your outfit. Pullovers, sweaters, cardigans and overcoats are amazing additions that could hype up your style. Dark colours like grey, navy blue, black and maroon are the best picks when it comes to winter clothing.

Must-haves for Your Wardrobe

Fashion trends are changing rapidly, and you need to be updated about it all! But won’t that be difficult and an exorbitant affair? Well, truth be told, you can literally have a super awesome fashion statement by keeping some staple outfit must-haves in your wardrobe. A bit here with the latest trends and a bit there with the ever-green basics can redefine your whole fashion game.

1. Cotton and Chiffon Pants

A tailored, sleek pants with a light texture to it and a soothing colour has never hurt anyone. Cotton and chiffon pants are the go-to pants you should have for summers and casual outings. Buy some staple colours such as white, beige, taupe, olive green, brown and black which will go well with almost every colour. Pair this with solid-coloured tops and shirts, add on leather boots, high heels or pumps and put your hair in a messy bun or a high pony to get the ultimate look. You should also pick out a classy handbag to go along with your dress to complete the look.

2. Dark Blue Denims

Who says denims are not for you? In fact, we believe they are one of the best fashion pieces you must have in your wardrobe. A straight-cut or a boot-cut jean is the best blue denim to opt for, make sure that they fit you well on the butt and thighs. Don’t hesitate to buy a smaller or a larger size to fit in and have that flaunting shape. There are many brands which are continuously evolving their trends to cater to a larger audience, you can go for Levi’s, Not your Daughter’s Jeans, Guess, etc.

3. Solid Colours

This is the ideal age to go for stronger and solid colours rather than polka dots, huge graphic prints or stripes for that matter. Horizontal prints can make you look heavier, but solid colours and textures can enhance your style in a greater way. Colours like red, khaki, blue, grey and of course the basic white and black are the best to choose.The best combinations are bright with a dark contrast colour like a yellow coloured tee with black trousers, white tee with red pants or even a pink shirt with white trousers.

4. Floral printed Pencil Skirt

Floral prints and laces are the most versatile designs when it comes to fashion. Buy a pencil skirt which fits you well from the waist and does not restricts your movement. Look for a skirt that touches your knee,and flows along your curves. A sheer white top looks the best with a black floral print pencil skirt, pair with a heeled shoe, like stiletto, wedge or pump to intensify your look and you are good to go! Gold wrist watches, bracelets and delicate chokers are the perfect add-ons for this outfit.

5. Comfortable dresses

Minimalism is the key to an elegant and graceful fashion style, tacky and glittery dresses with heavy accessories can overshadow your personality and even contradict with your fashion styles! Go for comfortable dresses that are easy to breathe in and super soft to wear, you don’t need to have bodycon dresses to impress anyone now. You have all the time and money in the world by now, focus on your own needs and how you want to look rather than how you want to be looked. White, peach, light yellow, sky blue, baby pink and mauve colours make the best dresses, team it up with nice ballerina shoes and let your hair lose open.

6. Wear a Good Shapewear/Lingerie

Many women underestimate the power of a good shapewear or a lingerie. It can literally transform your body and make it more fit without having to worry about those extra flabs and bulges. Make sure that you wear a bra of the right size and material, go easy with the size as your body will now fluctuate between different shapes and weights at times. Be flexible enough to give space to your own body. Avoid underwire and lacy bras which could cause rashes on the skin and harm breast tissues. Choose soft and comfy bras which lifts up your breasts and give them a good shape.

These were some of the simplest yet stunning ideas for your fabulous fifties. You can always experiment things on your own and create a trendy outfit that suits you just right. Now the fashion industry is highly volatile. They are creating better styles for all age groups to make everyone comfortable and confident in their own skin. Look out for such big names, find your style and fit. Be graceful yet stylish.

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