Honeymooning After 60
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Honeymooning After 60

December 19, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

A honeymoon is a honeymoon, even if you are over sixty. It is a special trip and you should keep it that way. So, if you are feeling the thumps and flutters in your heart, I am glad that you are. Just remember a few things and your honeymooning after 60 are sure to have a wonderful time.

Choose A Destination Where Both Have Something To Do

You might have had a destination in your bucket list for years, but now that you are married you have to think of what your partner wants as well. So pick a place that promises to have a little bit of both worlds.

Don’t Forget The Medicines

Don’t forget to pack those medicines that you might be relying on and need to take daily like those for blood pressure and diabetes. Write out the names of all the medicines with their respective dosages that your spouse and you might need and keep it handy. Ask your doctor for alternatives and also the generic names of your medicines in case your current ones are not available at your destination spot. Carry some additional medicines like those for altitude sickness and diarrhoea as well. Also, be up to date with vaccines like flu and MMR. Ask your doctor if you need others like yellow fever, typhoid etc. also or not.

Carry Enough And Carry Right

Don’t get yourself in that situation when you have packed a lot and paid for extra baggage and yet you don’t have what you need. Is the place going to be cold? Get your hoodies and jackets. Is it going to be wet and damp? Have enough changes so that you don’t have to wear clothes that have a damp stench. Also, when you are travelling, it is always advisable to carry only that much which you carry yourself. Given your age, don’t try to lug around anything that might give you aches and pains.

Don’t Deny The Jet Lag

If you are taking a flight that would last for many hours, please get some rest during the flight. You do not need to be chatting or being mushy with your partner for the entire time. Post the journey and once you are at the hotel, if your eyes are shutting and you feel a little lethargic, it is absolutely alright to let your partner know about it. You are not a twenty year old who has to land at the destination spot and immediately get into action.

Be Careful When Romance Strikes

Accept it that you won’t be able to handle all positions in this age. Who knows, if you try to be extra adventurous you might just land up with a broken bone or a muscle pull. Feel romantic but don’t lose your foresight. Manoeuvre around but be imaginative so that no one gets hurt.

Mood Enhancers

At this age, even the both of you are looking forward to a lot of steamy sex, the aches or the sheer lack of energy can prevent that from happening. You, the lady, might also find that it is difficult for you to get wet or the man might see premature ejaculation happening. Some things that might help you are:

  • Use of lubes will help the woman during penetration
  • You can watch some steamy sex on screen
  • Indulge in a lot of foreplay
  • Give each other a sensual back rub
  • Have sex in positions that feel more comfortable
  • If one orgasms too soon, pleasure the other with masturbation
  • Use of sex toys can also add to the fun quotient

Feel Sexy But Don’t Fall Ill

Nothing is more tempting than to tempt the one who is already yours. I am sure you want to wear that skimpy bikini or maybe you, the man, wants to show off his toned body; but wait! You need to see that you don’t try this when it’s bitterly cold! Avoid the rain dance lest you are sneezing all the while. Don’t forget the woollen cap when it’s snowing just because you want your tresses to fly as you ski. Feeling sexy and looking sexy is good, but not at the cost of fever and ill health.

Keep Others Back Home Informed

Just because you have each other please don’t run off into the proverbial sunset. Keep your family informed about where you are going so that in case of any emergency they would know where to reach you. As for yourself, keep your emergency contact list handy so that you don’t have to keep rummaging if the need arises. Also, do keep your cell phone always charged. Carry a portable charger with you just in case you need it.

Don’t Overdo Things

In your excitement to see the place together and so as to not miss out on all the important tourist spots, please don’t put too much on your agenda in one day. Have fun and explore, but do give yourself time to unwind and relax. Else, the sheer tiredness could creep up so much, not to forget the aches, that you might just land up missing on any activity for the rest of the days.

Don’t Tell Strangers Of Your Plans

When you are leaving the resort, don’t inform everyone of what plans you have. Often older people are made targets of thefts. One trick is to hang the “do not disturb” sign when you leave your room for the day. Keep your money, passport and other expensive things well hidden. Even when you are in your hotel room, keep it bolted. If you think anything suspicious is happening or someone is following you, do inform your tour guide or call an emergency number.

Be Careful With What You Eat

At your age, it is likely that your spouse and you both might be sensitive to certain food and should avoid anything that is too heavy or oily. It is also good to keep a note of food items that the both of you might be allergic to. Else there is always a good chance that a stomach infection will play a spoilsport.

Don’t Show Off

You might have just received the most beautiful pendant from your husband. Your friends might have given you earrings that you want to show off. But do avoid wearing these. Fancy cameras, jewellery, and expensive watches – all could be a target for theft. Seeing your age, and given the fact that you might not be able to dash off or might be unaware of your surroundings, you could become an easy target. Also, unless you are in a group, avoid travelling in the dark.

Honeymoon is a time for a lot of fun – both in and out of bed. Keep these pointers in mind and the both of you are sure to have a great time.

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