10 Tips For Graceful Management And Transition To Grey Hair At 50+
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Female Transition to Grey Hair: 10 Tips For Graceful Management And Transition To Grey Hair At 50+

April 21, 2019 | Fashion & Beauty | By Lisa Smith

When women age, along with a lot of other bodily changes, comes greying of her hair. While some love the grey, others start to wonder what to do so that they don’t look old. Here are 10 tips that will help you in graceful management and transition to grey hair over 50.

1. Don’t Be Scared

Many women get over conscious about their hair turning grey. Remember that salt-and-pepper tresses are in and sexy too, so look at the brighter side. You can colour your hair or leave it showing silver that it is turning into. When you accept the change, it reflects in your body language and that itself goes a long way in adding charm to your appeal.

2. Use The Right Highlights

Greying of the hair occurs naturally in life and brings experience and charm with it. Now when you notice that your hair is greying, you may choose to leave it at its natural way or you can highlight or colour it. If you choose the latter, then:

  • Make the process a gradual one and slowly start experimenting with the choice of colour.
  • While choosing your hair colour, consult an expert so that the hair colour matches your skin tone. For example, you might just find that instead of a single toned colour, a shading of colours will make your greying hair look stunning
  • With time you will learn what is better suits your type of hair –  lowlights or highlights

3. Get The Right Haircut

Looking good with grey hair is not only about colour but also about the right hair cut. Before you go in for the chop read up some magazines to see what styles are trending and go in for a style that will accentuate your new hair colour and makes you look ravishing. For example, once your greys become visible, your expert hairstylist might just recommend a more layered and structured cut or a shorter blunt or a pixie cut for you. Once you start to get your hair coloured continue hair trimming at regular intervals as the old dye can be removed from the ends and thus keep the hair healthier.

4. Use Makeup That Suits The Grey

Your makeup should suit your hair colour. You should wear make up as per your facial features, a well done make up will compliment your hair and make your face light up. For the evening try a deeper lip shade and even add more focus to the eyes by playing with colours like deep pinks and purples.

5. Moisturize Grey Hair

Hair styling really shows up when the hair is healthy. You can use brands like Joico and Aveda Blue Malvathat which will help to keep the hair nourished. Some stylists swear by the shampoo Eufora Urgent Repair. This, they say, prevents pollutants from accumulating on the scalp and thus allows hair that is non-coloured and growing naturally to still grow in. Also remember to switch to appropriate shampoo for coloured hair once you have coloured your hair.

6. The Right Combing Technique

Combing of greying hair shouldn’t be handled in a hurry or in rough manner.  Comb through them while the conditioner is on and the hair is still wet to get a splendid gloss and smooth hair. Also, it will do you good to invest in a high quality brush now like those from Kent or Denman or Tangel Teezer.

7. Re-touch Is Important

You cannot get your hair coloured once and then think the job is over. You need to keep visiting the salon because re-touches are equally important to keep the hair looking fabulous. When the hair becomes grey not only is the shine lesser but it also tends to grow in a different way. Often you will find that your hair is growing such that it creates flips and cowlicks. This is why you need to get your hair styled regularly as well.

8. Stay Silver

If you decide that you have had enough of colouring and now want to stick to its natural colour. Stepping out in your well-styled and healthy looking grey-silver hair will make you look equally sophisticated.

9. Watch What You Wear

If you like to wear black, white, and grey, you will have to revamp your wardrobe. With the hair turning grey, you need to wear colours that enhance your look and make you vibrant. So, if darker shades are what you like then choose more jewelled tones like burgundy and navy blue. Lighter shades like mauve, light pink, and even greys can be considered. Overall work with the colours based on your skin tone and choice of hair colour. Also pay heed to the dress cuts you wear.  Wear fitted clothes to continue to look suave and sophisticated and while accessorising opt more for silver, platinum, and pearls rather than gold.

10. Do Not Experiment With The Chemicals At Home

If you are tempted to streak your hair at home by using different colouring kits then we recommend reconsidering the idea. The work of a professional can make a world of difference.

Greying of the hair is a natural process and one that cannot be avoided. But with the right kind of care and stylish cuts and highlights you can still look gorgeous. So, we wish you many years of turning heads with your new styled look.

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