Fashion After 50 For Women: Do's and Don'ts
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Fashion After 50 For Women: Do’s and Don’ts

November 29, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Michele Pfeiffer, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Cher – all in their fifties and all glamorous and super stylish. Age, truly is just a number and dressing fashionably is forever. Here’s your guide to looking stylish, smart, and beautiful.

Wear Right Colours

Not all colours go with all skin tones and not all colours is what one can carry off with confidence. So, choose the colours that look good on you and you feel confident about. If bold colours appeal to you, then use it but mellow it down with the other accessories. When choosing colours do keep the season in mind too. Winter means brighter hues while pastels are for summer. Warm jewel tones usually go with most skin tones.

Layer Your Clothes

Layering clothes works well at this age. Pair your dull coloured dress with a scarf. Wear a jacket over your shirt in winter or add a stylish muffler over your polo neck sweater. Layering not only looks chic but also hides those bulges that are not too complimenting. Keep in mind though that one loose layer over another loose one will make you look extremely stocky. So layering is best done when your main attire is a well-fitted one.

Don’t Overdo The Print

Often there are certain prints that do not suit one’s personality or even the age. For example, among the fashion don’ts I would seriously advice against stepping out in leopard printed tights or a variety of different prints in the top and bottom attire

Wear Correct Fitted Clothes

Please stop stepping out in the over sized, pyjama looking, pair of trousers or a gunny bag shaped tops. Casual doesn’t mean shabby. At the same time, fashionable does not mean one size lesser, body hugging, and transparent. The middle path is a good starting point when it comes to choosing the right fit for yourself

Don’t Let Go Of The Fun Element

Just because you are fifty you don’t have to stop having fun. Keep the fun element intact when it comes to dressing too. Just don’t overdo it. So, it is alright if you want to step out in that floral printed summer dress with silver bangles dangling from your hand. But, it would do you good to stay away from that additional floral headband.

Do Show Off That Which You Like

We are never happy with all our body parts. But, some we are proud of. When it comes to fashion the rule is to draw attention to that which we want to show off. So wear clothes that accentuate that part which you like. If you are proud of your toned legs then fitted jeans is a thumbs up but if you like your booty then keep the length of your top short. Are you proud of the way your breasts look? Definitely wear the cleavage-showing dress on your date. Have flabby arms? Do avoid the sleeveless tops.

Choose The Fabric Correctly

One is to wear fabric that suits the weather and the other is to choose to wear or not wear a certain fabric even if the weather permits it. For example, in summer you could step out in cotton or chiffon. But the latter is likely to be more translucent and might also stick to your body; cotton makes a more modest fabric. Another example would be leggings – while denim would me more robust, if you choose lycra then it is likely to accentuate all your curves and bulges even more.

The Classics Are Always In Style

A black cocktail dress, a white shirt, a pair of denim jeans, a black pencil skirt, cardigans with ideally sleeves that are three-quarter in length, a dress that is fitted on top and flare out slightly from the waist, a short black coloured leather jacket, a nice pair of sunglasses, a flared sun hat – these are some of the classics that never go out of fashion. So, make sure they have their pride of place in your cupboard. For example a pair of jeans that is not too skinny and flatters your butt and hips looks youthful, is always in style, and is good for any Sunday brunch. Keep a darker shade for the winter mornings and a white pair of the bright summer mornings. Keep the length near your ankles so that they look good with different kinds of shoes like loafers, boots, or a pair of flat ballet slippers.

Don’t Forget The Importance Of Night Clothes

When you are on your own you could well climb into bed in your baggy tee and your loose fitted capris. But, it is best if you keep a few good-looking nightclothes for those nights when you will have your partner beside you. Now, who wouldn’t want to be tempted a little at end the day?

Be Comfortable But Not Don’t Forget The Class

Yes, one always wants to step out in clothes that make her feel comfortable. However, don’t do that at the cost of appearing to be shoddily dressed. A fleece jacket, for instance, is good for a morning walk but not when you are going out on date night. Instead opt for a cropped, well-fitted jacket. If belts pinch at your stomach you can wear those with elastic but hide the elastic. For example, wear your elastic trousers with a top that is slightly long.

Know When To Match and When Not Too

Play the matching and contrasting game carefully. Even if you are tempted to match the bling of your earrings with your clutch, avoid it. Never match shoes and belts – they look awful. On the other hand matching your pendant with a bracelet might work well.

Be Sensual Rather Than Sexy

Don’t go our revealing too much else you might just come across as one trying too hard for attention. Step out wearing clothes that highlight your best features instead of a skin show. Also, aim at being sensual instead of sexy. For this, opt for rich fabrics like silk and satin, wear fur, use perfume, take out those diamonds for the special occasions, and wear deep colours like burgundy.

There – now you know how fabulous women’s fashion over fifty can be. You also know that a well dressed you will always spell a confident you. So now you have reason enough for taking the day off to go on a shopping spree.

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