Bra Tips for 50+ Women To Look Younger
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Bra Tips for 50+ Women To Look Younger

November 29, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

No matter how youthful you make yourself by taking care of your skin and your clothes, if you have breasts that sag and bras that resemble a grandmother’s, you might be looking older than you really are! So, here’s some Bra Tips for 50+ Women To Look Younger, if they feel like it.

The Look

It doesn’t matter if anyone sees your bra but you absolutely must wear those that enhance your look. So its time we dump those matronly ones and choose those with lace and design.

The Support

Past 50 and beyond owing to changes in weight, hormonal fluctuations, and menopause the breasts are bound to sag and hence will need extra support so that they look uplifted. Hence, while choosing fun designs, don’t forget about the support while being comfortable. For example underwired bras and foam cups can come to good use and make you look more youthful. In case you have breasts that are not of the same size, you could choose bras with gel inserts. These add to your youthful look and are quite comfortable to wear. For the best look the bra should ensure the breasts remain midway between the shoulder and the elbow.

The Fit

Unbelievable as it may be, most women at all ages tend to wear the wrong size when it comes to bras.  Here’s one trick to judge if you are wearing the right fit or not – your nipples should be at the centre of the bra and the band should lie around the middle of your back. If you really want that perky look, the best advice is to get yourself fitted by a professional. So walk into a lingerie store and ask the fit expert for guidance. After all no two busts are ever the same.

The Bra Band

The band of the bra is the one that supports our breast weight. Hence while retaining comfort, a loose bra band will let your breasts droop. Ideally the bra should fit such that not more than two fingers are able to pass through the inside of the band when fastened with hooks that are the farthest. So as the bra takes shape with wear you will still have nearer hooks left to engage when needed. You may also judge fit by trying to move the band which is placed at the center of your back. If there’s vertical movement, chances are that the breast will hang loosely. You may thus need to tighten the fit or try another size.

The Cup Size

You need to get yourself bras where your breasts fit inside the cup perfectly. If you find breast portions sticking out from the sides of your bra, put them inside – they belong there. If you are unable to do so then you are not wearing the correct bra and you need to buy a size larger. Alternatively, if you find space above the cup and the material of the bra doesn’t appear smooth but crumpled, it means you need a smaller size. While wearing underwired bra you feel yourself being poked under your arms that too means that you are wearing the wrong size. In such cases, try a cup size that is larger.

The Straps Should Lend Support

The straps support 20% of the weight of the breasts. Some of us have breasts that have turned fatty and sagging with age, we need to be particular to have straps that can support adequately without rashes or sore skin. The straps should be adjustable to the extent where the bra band doesn’t rise above the back, thus hurting the breasts.

Make the Straps Fun

If you are wearing a dress from where your bra straps might peep out, you could either wear a strapless one or one that is transparent. But, then again, who wants to look boring. So, instead add a little fun quotient by picking the fashionable straps to up the glam quotient. For this you could choose bras that are made of lace or maybe have some embellishments on them. If your bra does have a strap then you could keep them hidden by using a strap converter or buying a bra that has a convertible strap.

The Closure Type

In your present times, instead of testing your stretching skills, you could opt for front styled ones. They are not only easier to handle but also lend the bras an erotic appeal. If you do select the rear closing ones, it is better to opt for those with three hooks as they provide greater support to our present need of sagging breasts.

Layer Your Bra

If you want to wear that bralette to shows off the lacy strap but you have a full figure, then it is advisable that you layer your bra. This gives you support and shape thus avoiding droop which could make you look older than you are. Hence wear your basic bra and then layer it with your bralette instead.

Bra During Sports

Lets50 encourages everyone to have an active lifestyle. Through your morning jog you should be paying attention to your bra to avoid harm your breast tissue while carrying a toned look. During exercise time always choose a bra that lends adequate support. For example a wide band offers the support that one needs during exercise. You can also choose a sports version and forget worrying all together.

The Occasion

We all have our favorites, our lucky pieces but sadly they can’t be worn with all clothes and for all occasions. So you need different styles for different attires. For example you will need to wear a strapless one with a backless gown. You can choose those that are secured around the waist or at the neck. For the extra lift you could also use self-adhesive bras as well.

The correct bra will make you look youthful and will help you appear slimmer and gives you a good posture. So investing time on research, fit and looks could give you a load of confidence and appeal. You would look your age, younger and youthful with the bra that fits you well.

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