10 Sizzling Lingerie Ideas To Spice Up The Nights With Your Mr. Right At 50+
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10 Sizzling Lingerie Ideas To Spice Up The Nights With Your Mr. Right At 50+

November 28, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

Even at 50+ men like to see their woman naked when it comes to getting turned on. But they wouldn’t mind a teeny tiny panty or a skin showing corset either. Here are 10 lingerie ideas that are sure to turn your man on.

Push Up Bra

At this age the breasts lose some volume and tend to sag. The elasticity of the skin also reduces and it looks heavier and larger. Hence, when it comes to choosing the right lingerie, and if you are planning to make that a set of a bra and a panty, then opt for a bra that will help you push up your breasts. Men, in particular, any which ways, like to see women in push up bras and these would give you the support that you need as well. It will also highlight your cleavage. Rigby & Peller is known for their push up bras. Other bra options that turn men on are padded and plunge ones. Try the designer bras by Mimi’s in this category. While choosing a bra also pay heed to the straps. They should never dig into your shoulders. Also, for the right support to your breasts, choose ones with wider straps while not letting go off the fun quotient. There are many brands that make nightwear bras with straps that have pretty accompaniments.


Invest in panties that are lacy. Buy from Cosabella or Nancy Meyer. Men find crotchless panties very erotic as well. However, when you are buying a panty, always look at the rear view of yourself in the mirror. At this age, it could be that your skin has begun to sag a little and hence a revealing panty might not look too tempting. In such cases choosing a fully covered lace panty that both covers and uplifts will make the derriere look better.

Two Piece Sets

Wear a two-piece lingerie rather than a single one. Most men still prefer the classic bra panty combination. However, do buy ones that are of the same colour. darker shades being the preferred ones, and also those that are sheer and not matronly. For some spunk you could instead wear a bra with a short skirt.


Thigh high stockings and fishnets are sure to make your man hot. If you think that it might come down then wear it with a matching garter belt with straps to hold them. The combination also looks sexy. You could pair your stocking with thigh high boots and a matching bra. Definitely hot!


A lacy red corset or a black leathery one is what you should try. While the lacy one will hold its appeal because of the skin show, the leather one with strings would be fun to take off. If you are looking for the corset that will fit you right and fit you snugly because your man wants to see those curves of yours then buy from Vollers Corsets.


No matter what you wear try and opt for lingerie with straps. They are easier to slide off and men dig a lingerie that is easy to peel off. You could also wear those with bows and maybe even zippers. However, avoid choosing one that has buckles on them.

Colour and Material

Many women of this age group feel that they should keep it safe and hence choose lingerie that is in black. While that is a classic colour, however, if you plan to show your sensuality, then opt for a navy blue, brown, or burgundy instead. With your fair complexion and greying hair it would look quite appealing. Also, pay attention to the designs on your lingerie. Ideally opt for those with smaller designs or single coloured one with accessories like a jewel in the centre of your bra. When it comes to material, your lingerie should be made of lace. Sheer satin the next best option that you should opt for.


Men love heels in bed. Especially when it’s worn with nothing else. They feel that is makes a woman’s butt look good and her legs taller. Even if not lingerie, you could try wearing this to bed to turn your man on. Do be careful though so that you don’t hurt your feet in any way.

Accentuate The Positive

With age, the hormones often cause the stomach to bulge out a little. So, if you have a large belly, then avoid wearing any lingerie that are too tight or stretch and cling to the body. For example, avoid wearing material like lycra or leather. Instead choose lingerie made of silk or satin as these will flow and will make you look stunning. However, never buy lingerie that is a size larger as that would only make you look bulky, old, and unattractive. Added to this, draw your attention away from your belly by highlighting that which you are proud of. For example if they are your breasts then wear a push up bra or if they are your legs then wear a baby doll nightie.

Keep It Simple

No matter what you wear, always keep it simple. Never wear something that is elaborate with way too much of frills and is complicated to take off. Your partner would hate to fumble around with hooks and straps when all that he wants to do is to take them off. In no way does that mean that you have to forget being sexy. You just need to experiment around a little bit so that simplicity and stimulating both happen. For instance, at this age you could experiment with shape wear that will enhance your figure and will control your flabby stomach that you might have developed with age. Leave out the elastic, which might be too tight on your abdomen and will leave an ugly mark when you take off your lingerie.

The tips must have made you realise that just because you are 50+ you don’t have to settle for less when it comes to choosing sexy lingerie. Opt for the best – in terms of comfort, brand, and style. After all, which woman would not want to look and feel erotic while tuning her man on in bed?

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